Other True Things

I think, based on 40+ years of Economic studies, multiply sourced, that Republican policies are objectively bad for the United States, not that NeoLiberal, Third Way, New Democrat, D.C. Consensus Centrist policies are much better mind you but the bar is lower than a snake’s belly. You may disagree with my enthusiasm for Modern Monetary Theory but arguing about the measurements (without, you know, actually arguing about baselines and what’s really being measured and other methodologies) is like arguing the Celtics didn’t win against the Rockets 99 – 98. Dispute the missing referee all you like, it’s not going to change the result.

I feel kind of the same way about Russia.

I’m pretty sure, and there’s a lot of polling to support this theory, that Comey’s statements in mid October of 2016 had much more influence on the outcome of the election than any Twits and Facebook “Fake News”. You should remember that the next time you hold him up as an example of moral rectitude and probity.

Well, but the DNC hack you say.

They’ve never denied that every single message is true with any credibility and what it shows is that they did everything they thought they could get away with to sabotage Sanders and promote Clinton. That was not only unfair but probably a mistake since there’s some evidence he could have won where Hillary, objectively, didn’t.

On the other hand sometimes a pizza is just a pizza and to claim (as no one I know and respect on the Left does) that Clinton, her campaign team, or the DNC was running a Child Sex Ring out of a D.C. family restaurant (my cousin and her kids go there all the time) is just wacky, nutjob, Right Wing Conspiracy Theory.

Did the Russians hack the DNC? I’ve not seen any convincing arguments for or against.

But it doesn’t matter.

What I have seen is that there is a mountain of documented evidence that the Trump team was incredibly willing to “collude” with the Russians in order to get information on Clinton they could use to discredit her, whether they succeeded or not. If nothing else you have The Donald himself on national Television begging them to release the deleted emails from her server (that they didn’t is probably an indication that she wasn’t hacked).

So if firing Comey so he would stop investigating Trump/Russia connections and bragging about it (also on national Television) to Lester Holt is not enough to convince you beyond a reasonable doubt that The Donald is guilty of Obstruction of Justice in a very legal, technical, and criminal sense…

Well, I don’t want to serve on a jury with you.