Gilmore Girls Hate

I really think people are too tough on Rory. You don’t have to make all your life choices before you’re 32 and some things that seem to be huge mistakes eventually lead you to a place that’s better than you could ever have imagined.

Oh, and lots of spoilers if you haven’t watched A Year In The Life yet.

Critique from a guy who only watched Episode 1 of A Year In The Life

10 Things We Hated- #9, Not Enough Lane

10 Things We Loved- #9, More Kirk

Seasons 1 – 7 is the Book from Year In The Life and it’s just like the the Roseanne finale.

Ok, my cousin who is a New York Times best selling author (it’s true enough)? All of her books are thinly disguised Autobiographies, you write what you know. I do think it rather shallow that all modern “serious” fiction is a thinly disguised Autobiography set in New York though.

Oh, and Sean Gunn is Kraglin and On-Set Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2. Told you there were spoilers.