Ladies and Gentlemen: Kristen Bell

I don’t think it’s a secret that since I started following The Good Place I’ve really become impressed with Kristen Bell.

No, I’m not going to deliver my monograph on Moral Philosphy and the different types of Cigar, Cigarette, and Pipe ash. Olympics, duh.

But she does a lot of other stuff that shows up on YouTube that I find screamingly funny, some of which has a clear political edge. If Sam Bee were ever to retire and TBS would pony up the money (which they wouldn’t because Anna==$$$) Kirsten Bell has the right sensibility.

Minimum Wage

What About Bob?

Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss have kind of a Hollywood feud thing happening though both of them deny it. This started on the set of What About Bob? (well, some say it was preceded by a guest appearance on SNL) because Richard Dreyfuss is a Method Actor and Bill Murray is also… a Method Actor, just in a different way.

Real Therapy is not like this. Oh sure, you’re basically paying someone to sit around and listen to you being an asshole for 45 minutes, why would they do it otherwise? No, the difference is that it’s a strictly professional relationship. I like my Therapist because she’s very supportive and upbeat (“Look, it doesn’t matter whether the things we talk about are important. It’s that they’re important to you.”).

I have no idea what her personal life is about. Where does she live? Does she have a dog? Nor do I care to know, I don’t even fantasize- I’m paying $200 a 45 minute hour to talk about me dammit, least you can do is not strand me in the waiting room staring at the clock (she’s actually pretty prompt).

The other thing is that parts of my life seem pretty delusional and I’d hate to have to train a new one that they’re all mostly true.