“She wanted me to be her first, so that she would be good for her boyfriend.”

Umm… look. I’ve had what I would characterize as a fair amount of sexual experience, not Wilt Chamberlain levels (20 Thousand over 40 years for an average of 1 new woman every 17.64 hours. If you view that from the Mark Twain perspective you may find the holder willing but the candle weak so you’ll forgive me some skepticism.) but I’ve had a number of partners, somewhere in the range of more than 2 and less than 10.

What can I say? I’m chromosome damaged.

Not that I place Ladies on some untouchable pedestal and assume they are stronger in virtue or even aspire to that. I don’t pretend to understand what makes another human being tick, I have more than enough trouble with self awareness and I don’t much care about your actions unless they impact me.

Yeah, I’m selfish too. A hot mess. You should stay far, far away.

With that bit of introspection behind us let’s discuss Scott Baio.

For me, of course, his chief failings are that he is a Donald Trump supporter (one of very few celebrities that will admit that, he was even a “Big” name at the Republican National Convention- I suppose he wanted to give his moribund career a boost), and that he is a bad actor who dragged down Erin Moran in 2 seasons and inexplicably lasted 5 before Charles in Charge was given a merciful end in 1990.

Oh, and he molested Nicole Eggert, a fellow cast member, when she was 14 and he was 26. Did I mention *** Star ***? Power relationship, it’s everything.

He felt her up in his garage. You either know what that means or you don’t. When she was 17 even he admits he raped her.

“She wanted me to be her first, so that she would be good for her boyfriend.”

Folks, nobody ever says that except in a bad porn movie.

Why am I so exercised about this issue? My contention is that the way we socialize women is criminal. Culturally we raise them from birth to be submissive second (or lower) class citizens and they daily accept all kinds of behaviors (high heels? make up?) that are designed to compete for the sexual attention of males as if that is the ultimate validation of their worth.

This is wrong.

Don’t misunderstand me, women exhibit the full range of humanity from positive to negative just as men do. If you are not willing to deal with them as equals though you have a hole in your soul.