NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2018: Day 2 Play Ins

As it turns out I have a rooting interest today, though I don’t expect much will come of it. I’m a pretty fair fan of Syracuse because I spent several years working there as a Life Guard and Water Safety Instructor. Never went to see a game live either at Manley or the Dome (or Archibold Gymnasium for that matter) but I listened to the Radio call and watched on TV with some enthusiasm.

They have a tendency to be contenders, not Champions and part of that is they can always be counted on to blow the big Free Throw. They practically invented the 3 – 2 Zone and use it on Defense and Offense almost to the complete exclusion of any other scheme. This can make them seem dull if you like a high scoring run and gun Transition game, but it’s actually served them quite well for the most part.

The Sun Devils will probably thump them like a drum, they usually do.

Tonight’s Games

Time Network Seed Team Record Seed Team Record Region
6:40 pm True 16 N.C. Central 19 – 15 16 Texas Southern 15 – 19 West
9:10 pm True 11 Arizona St. 20 – 11 11 Syracuse 20 – 13 Mid West