Rudy Giuliani: An Avalanche Of Sleaze

Oh sure, I could come after Rudy on his policy which is consistently and completely wrong, but it’s sooo much more satisfying to point out he’s a scumbag on a personal level who makes you want to shower for about 24 hours with a Brillo Pad after you’ve shared the same air.

Judith Giuliani files for divorce from Rudy Giuliani
by Emily Heil, Washington Post
April 4

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani’s wife of 15 years, Judith Giuliani, has filed for divorce, according to court filings.

“We hope to do this as amicably as possible and hope that people will respect the privacy of our children at this time,” the Empire State pol told the New York Post. The couple has grown children from previous marriages (it was the third marriage for both).

Judith Giuliani, 63, filed a contested divorce proceeding in Manhattan Supreme Court, according to the closed filings, setting up a possible battle over the couple’s considerable assets. Since leaving public office, Rudy Giuliani, who twice sought the GOP presidential nomination, founded and sold security consulting and investment banking firms and now works for the powerhouse law firm Greenberg Traurig. “We will have to divide our properties in New York and Palm Beach,” Giuliani, 73, told the New York Post.

As for what caused the rift between himself and his wife, with whom he reportedly carried on an affair before his marriage to second wife Donna Hanover ended in 2000, Rudy Giuliani had this to say: “In these divorce situations, you cannot place blame, it is 50/50, there are problems on both sides.”

In 2000, Giuliani announced his second divorce, from Hanover, at a news conference before alerting his wife to his plans. At the time, he acknowledged a close friendship with Judith, whose last name then was Nathan. Hanover subsequently obtained a temporary restraining order to keep Nathan out of Gracie Mansion, the mayor’s official residence.

Well, at least she wasn’t dying of cancer the way Gingrich’s wife was.

A fact not commented on enough is that the New York City Emergency Command Post was damaged during the 9/11 attack because Rudy gerrymandered it so he could work in a little daytime nookie nook with Judith while he was married to Donna.

Yeah, talk about your Weiner’s weiner shots all you like. 60 Minutes cut Stephanie’s because they were too graphic and Trump’s hands are so small.