N Korea threatens to cancel Trump summit
16 May 2018

State news agency KCNA quoted Vice-Foreign Minister Kim Kye-gwan as saying that if the US “corners us and unilaterally demands we give up nuclear weapons we will no longer have an interest in talks and will have to reconsider whether we will accept the upcoming DPRK-US summit”.

Mr Kim said North Korea “had high hopes that the summit would lead to the easing of the situation on the Korean Peninsula and count as a big step to build a great future.

“However, it is very unfortunate that the U.S. is provoking us ahead of the summit by spitting out ludicrous statements.”

Of course anyone who would make a deal with Trump after violating the Iran Nuclear Treaty is an idiot. He lies constantly and won’t keep his promises.

From The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

Yes, we’re serious. No Nobel for you.