Affirmations of Sanity

So I was listening to click Morning Joe because I fell asleep during Rachel or Chris or Lawrence and I heard something that struck me from, of all people, Donny Deutsch.

Donny’s not the most liberal guy in the world ( source site Morning Joe is not the most liberal program) and that’s probably why it hit me with such force.

It starts about 9:40 into this segment-

What has to happen now this can no longer be about who Trump is, it has to be about who we are.

If we are working towards November we can no longer say Trump’s “the bad guy”. If you vote for Trump enter site you’re the bad guy. If you vote for Trump go to site go you are ripping children from parent’s arms.

The mistake we’ve made in the past is look at that bad guy over there, look at that bad guy. What the Democrats have to do is make the next election a referendum not who Trump is, but who you are. And if we all… that’s the big difference, you can no longer now as a voter, because it’s now not about taxes, it’s not even about some abstract term of immigration or nationalism, if you vote for Trump then accutane drug major side affects you, the voter, other fertility drugs like clomid you not Donald Trump, are standing at the border, like Nazis going you here, you here.

You’ll notice everyone else including Joe, Mika, and Willie kind of just sitting around stunned for a beat or two and at that they all kind of moved away from Donny on the Group W bench there and he didn’t talk much after that.

It shows me at least I’m not the only one who gets it.