The “C” Word

C’mon, it’s “ watch follow censorship“. Get your minds out of the gutter folks so you can consider how much more horribly offensive actually stealng children from their parents so you can cage them in strip mall Gulags and Concentration Camps is than any four letter expletive you can use to characterize the hypocrisy, cruelty, and here fecklessness of the daughter that Donald Trump brags about wanting to have impotent incestual intercourse with. Only for deliberate effect. Never in anger or without consideration.

Something splattered the page I was drawing on and, as I moved to wipe it away, I realized too late it was somebody’s vomit. During the worst days of the Weimar Republic, when Hitler was rising faster than a bull on heat, George Grosz, the savage satirical painter, had used human shit as a violent method of colouring his drawings. It is a shade of brown like no other and its use makes an ultimate statement about the subject.

Oh, and I don’t accutane long term side effects ever apologize either because I’m not at all sorry even for your easily offended feelings let alone characterizing them correctly as heartless, racist, bigoted, and genocidal Nazism.

quanto costa il levitra originale 20 mg in farmacia Republicans are weird about sex. Incest and Pedophilia are OK. Same Gender is not unless it’s two hot lesbians spanking you with your propecia only vellus hair Forbes cover before peeing on your bed. Concentration Camps?

Just because they’re privatized bail-outs for community destroying big box retailers doesn’t make them any less like Dachau.