Totally Innocent

I don’t know what so-called “news” you’ve been watching, but this has been a week of unparalleled triumph (which is only 2 letters away from Trump in the dictionary which smart people know is a really big book with words in it).

First we got a chance to MAGA all those United States hating foreigners like the British, and the French, and the Germans and the Italians who are all Europeans and basically suspect sexually because they don’t have those huge United States hands (pay no attention to Macron’s thumbprint) and the Japanese and Canadians who, let’s face it, are sexually suspect too by association with those cheese eating French types (I told you not to look at the thumbprint).

Instead we got a chance to vicariously spend time with a true man’s man whose people sit up, shut up, and salute if they know what’s good for them and don’t want to end up against a wall.

Geopolitics is fun again.

We only hire the best people. Real ‘murikans from Long Island with deep ties to the Russian Mafia and legal degrees from the lowest ranked school in the country.

If we stay true to our base of bigots, racists, and Nazis there will be nothing but wall to wall victory.