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Baked In The Cake

source I hope I’m spoiling no child’s illusion of Kris Kringle by pointing out that Professional Wrestling is totally fake and scripted.

comprare viagra generico 200 mg pagamento online a Genova Well at least to the point where character arcs are the product of writing (not very good writing but nevertheless) and individual performers discuss and choreograph their moves. It is “Entertainment” as the name clearly indicates and their insurance payments confirm, a kind of violent improv soap opera where only the blood is real (stunts don’t always go as planned).

vardenafil originale consegna veloce Donald Trump through his friends Vincent and Linda McMahon has at least a peripheral connection to this world, one we know well in its home state of Connecticut (who’d a thunk?) and it is at least a dubious great uncle of all “reality” theater where Trump’s “Z-List” celebrity is based.

prednisone price So it is no surprise to see stories like this-

zocor drug action of lasix follow Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy agreed to retire if Trump promised to replace him with Brett Kavanaugh
By Travis Gettys, Raw Story
July 10, 2018 The Trump administration has been negotiating Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement for months, according to a new report.

enter Kennedy agreed to retire at the end of the term that concluded last month once he received assurances that President Donald Trump would replace him with a former law clerk, reported NBC News.

Buy generic lasix 100mg online in Rhode Island On Monday, the president held up his end of the bargain by nominating Brett Kavanaugh, the conservative former Kennedy clerk.

A source who was told of the discussions said Kennedy felt comfortable retiring after the Trump team assured him Kavanaugh would be the pick, and the other four names added to the president’s list of Federalist Society-approved judges in November were merely cover.