Feminist Content

My Netflix and YouTube accounts are suddenly filled with “Strong Female Lead” suggestions which is funny because I’ve always considered myself more a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Mary Sue/Action/Superhero kinda guy.

Watch Moana and Lilo and Stitch a few times and get so totally labeled.

To be fair I streamed all the Direct-to-DVD Sequels too and Julia and Chocolat and Practical Magic, but also Justice League (so much less than you think), Wonder Woman (best DC ever but flawed), Suicide Squad (not terrible– Will Smith does Will Smith, hypercompetent emotionless Assassin, Robbie and Leto light the screen with crazy and I mean light as in a Zippo in the corner of a thermite blanket), and Atomic Blonde, and…

Ok, I think I’m beginning to sense a pattern here. Speaking of Netflix, so does Michelle Wolf-

Happy Puppet Story Time (very Meta)

Yeah, binged that 3 times. Here are some other items that will make sure I get invited to view more profoundly insightful/intelligent/funny things that happen to be said and done by women-

ICE Recruitment

Angry Bitter Hate

Angry and bitter? Try Hannah Gadsby.