Feminist Content

My Netflix and YouTube accounts are suddenly filled with “Strong Female Lead” suggestions which is funny because I’ve always considered myself more a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Mary Sue/Action/Superhero kinda guy.

Watch find discount real viagra Moana and vardenafil contrassegno in farmacia prezzo Lilo and Stitch a few times and get so totally labeled.

To be fair I streamed all the Direct-to-DVD Sequels too and go to link Julia and get link Chocolat and miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico a Firenze Practical Magic, but also go to site Justice League (so much less than you think), oxford online pharmacy clomid for men Wonder Woman (best DC ever but flawed), http://acrossaday.com/?search=ordering-accutane-online Suicide Squad (not terrible– Will Smith does Will Smith, hypercompetent emotionless Assassin, Robbie and Leto light the screen with crazy and I mean light as in a Zippo in the corner of a thermite blanket), and Atomic Blonde, and…

Ok, I think I’m beginning to sense a pattern here. Speaking of Netflix, so does Michelle Wolf-

follow Happy Puppet Story Time (very Meta)

Yeah, binged that 3 times. Here are some other items that will make sure I get invited to view more profoundly insightful/intelligent/funny things that happen to be said and done by women-

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=india-generic-accutane-airborne ICE Recruitment

source url Angry Bitter Hate

Angry and bitter? Try Hannah Gadsby.

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