Just A Reminder

As Rhode Island goes to the Primary polls tonight (Rhode Island is sooo Blue that the Republicans are the Monster Raving Loony Party and half the Democrats are really Republicans (if you want to see what a single party state is like look no further- rampant corruption, indeed for a time it operated as the political arm of the Patriarcas until they gave it up because the politicians were stealing too much).

Nope, I’m here to refresh your memory that Andrew Cuomo is scum. You should vote for Cynthia Nixon (mine? Chive and Scallion schmear with Onion and Tomatoes on Salt, but I’ve always favored savory and fish on a cinnamon roll with raisins, while not to my taste, is totally acceptable and were I to re-arrange the ingredients slightly as smoked Trout in a cinnamon/raisin/carrot glaze and a dipping sauce of crème fraîche incorporated with Chives and a generous Chive garnish you might even learn to like it.)

If eating your Pizza the wrong way (no utensils please, Di Blasio- looking right at you) or anti-Semitic falsehoods, slanders, and lies (raising her 2 kids Jewish) are your best material you not only deserve to lose, you should be drummed from the Party, run out of Albany on a rail, and sentenced to a lifetime as a token clerk in the 9th Avenue Subway.

Because of our elevated location (don’t let the ‘Hollow’ part fool you) and some ancient and obscure ‘Clear Channel’ rules, I recognize all these anchors from waiting for Colbert. It’s true that we have a perfectly good CBS channel here in Connecticut if your definition of ‘perfectly good’ includes results from the Brooklyn/Scotland (yes, those are real towns, Stars Hollow is Fictional) Swim Meet.