2018 Junior League Championship Game 4: Red Sox @ Astros

So after yesterday’s thumping victory we are destined to worship again at the altar of The Great God Citgo, and so I shall regale you with more tales of the Hub, as they like to think of themselves.

Before I studied there Richard invited me on a business trip he was taking to brainstorm some new product ideas with his engineers. At the time he was a Product Manager (business guys are so imaginative, that’s why they need assistance to brainstorm) and research showed that existing lines were reaching saturation. I was allowed to participate and while my idea for an electric nose picker didn’t generate much enthusiasm (hah, that’s an electricity joke and my idea was much better than that) I was honored. After we were done we went to a dinky little restaurant (like 8 tables) in Harvard Square, so small they didn’t even have a Liquor License and you had to buy your wine next door.

It was the best meal of my life.

At the time I was totally clueless but I’ve come to recognise it as Chicken Marsala and it’s easy to make.

You’ll want some Chicken Cutlets or Boneless Breasts, better yet Thighs, pounded thin enough to make them tender and cook evenly. I prefer a tempura-like batter but you can use the traditional Flour/Egg/Bread Crumb treatment (Panko is good for that). Fry them until the crust is crunchy and brown on both sides then park them while you finish.

In the same oil take some sliced Mushrooms (Baby Portabello is traditional but you can use any type) and cook them to your desired degree of brown (Mushrooms have a lot of water in them so you can’t expect crisp). Now, pour in enough Marsala Wine to deglaze the pan and make a sufficient amount of sauce (the sauce is delicious so you’ll want more than they recommend). Toss in some minced Garlic, it never hurts. Simmer until it has been reduced by at least half (the thicker and more syrupy it is the better).

Reheat your Chicken (you can do it in the sauce but it kind of reduces the crunch) and plate it, pouring the sauce on top. Voila. I garnish with sliced Scallions but you don’t have to.

Oh, Baseball.

The ‘Stros will be sending out Charlie Morton (R, 15 – 3, 3.13 ERA) who we haven’t seen so far this year. In 2017 he appeared in 5 games for the ‘Stros, pitching 23.1 Innings and notching 2 Wins and a Loss. He allowed 11 Runs on 20 Hits with 2 Home Runs and 6 Walks for an ERA of 4.24. He throws Fastballs and Curves with some Changeups and Cutters, but not many.

Red Sox will counter with Rick Porcello (R, 17 – 7, 4.28 ERA). Him we’ve seen, even in this Series where he pitched a spotless Inning of Relief. In the Division Championship he appeared twice, earning 1 victory. He allowed 1 Run on 5 Hits in 5.2 Innings for an ERA of 1.59. He also threw 4 Innings in 2 games on 2017 for the Red Sox allowing 2 Runs on 5 Hits with 3 walks for an ERA of 4.50. He throws Fastballs and Sliders with Curves and Changeups to mix things up.