2018 Junior League Wild Card: Athletics @ Yankees

Ok, so my beloved Metropolitans once again did not make the big dance and the underdog Cubbies (108 years folks) have disappeared from radar. Is there no hope for the widow’s son (Richard was alive and kicking 10 minutes ago).

Oh, those guys in the Bronx. What were their names again? That’s right, Damn Yankees.

The fact is that they and the Sox have the best records in Baseball and by all rights should face each other in the Series. Instead we shall have a mere 5 games between Fenway (the Great God Citgo) and the House That Ruth Built.

And that’s if the Yankees advance against the As.

Not that I have anything against the Athletics, they’re completely inoffensive, just in the way.

Liam Hendriks (R, 0 – 1, 1.43 ERA) will open for the As but unless he has a spectacular outing he’s unlikely to last because he’s a relief pitcher. The As have already signaled they intend to use their Bullpen to play this game, there is only one Starter on their Wild Card Roster. The Yankees will send Luis Severino (R, 19 – 8, 3.39 ERA) to the mound just as if he were an ace because their Bullpen sucks.

Smart money says it’s a walk for Lola, but that’s why they play the games.


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  1. Vent Hole

  2. First pitch strike.

  3. Groin Out

  4. Bottom 1st

  5. Leadoff Walk

  6. 2 Run Homer. 2 – 0 Yankees.

  7. Top 2nd

  8. Leadoff Walk for the As

  9. Bottom of 2nd

  10. Leadoff Single

  11. A Walk. 2 On.

  12. Double Play. Runner at 3rd.

  13. So Bottom 8th 6 -2 Yankess.

    If nothing else they’re good for napping.

  14. Oh hey, Familia.

    For the Rockies, now 7 – 2 Yankees.

  15. Done. Yankees 7 – 2.

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