2018 Senior League Championship Game 3: Brewers @ Dodgers

So we’re in Chavez Ravine which was both inevitable and by design, the Dodgers having accomplished what they needed to do which is achieve a Split. It may be we will never see Miller Park again this season if the Dodgers sweep at home. Or the Brewers could end it away if they’re extremely lucky and good. The smart money is on another Split which would favor the Brewers who would have home field advantage for the deciding game whether they need one or two.

The Dodgers will be starting Walker Buehler (R, 8 – 5, 2.62 ERA), nearly a Rookie. In the Division Championships he played 1 game allowing 5 Runs on 2 Hits and 1 Home Run with 3 Walks in 5 Innings for a whopping 9.00 ERA. He’s lucky he didn’t take a loss. He throws Heat with the other third of his pitches divided between Curves and Cutters.

Jhoulys Chacín (R, 15 – 8, 3.50 ERA) will counter for the Brewers. This is his first post-Season also but he won his Division Championship game allowing only 3 Hits and 3 Walks in 5 Innings for a 0.00 ERA. He pitches Fastballs and Sliders with the occasional Splitter but he’s been known to throw all the junk from Changeups to Curves to Cutters.