2018 Senior League Championship Game 4: Brewers @ Dodgers

Meanwhile in Chavez Ravine we already know we will be returning to Miller Park since the Brewers cemented their Split yesterday. Yes they used Hader but they didn’t use him long. In the Regular Season he never went more than two games in a row but that doesn’t mean he can’t and what about World Series v. Golf do you not understand? Golf is the opposite of fun.

I’d put up some Bob Uecker Miller Lite commercials except the video quality is sooo bad, even for the Internet. Kind of appropriate if you think about it.

The Dodgers have “waves of depth” and starting pitchers too, but as I’ve seen frequently in recent years all you need is about 7 hot players and some defense- 2 Ace Pitchers, a Closer, and 4 dangerous Hitters you can’t pitch around, plus some adequate defense. The Dodgers so far have been lacking in danger. They have a good team for cranking out Regular Season wins but it remains to be seen how they fare in a short and high pressure Playoff.

There are other ways to win, of course, and the Brewers are trying some of that which makes this Series interesting.

The Dodgers will put Rich Hill(L, 11 – 5, 3.66 ERA) on the mound. In the Division Championship he appeared once for no decision allowing 2 Runs on 4 Hits with 5 Walks over 4.1 Innings for an ERA of 4.15. In 2017 he appeared 4 times with no decisions allowing 5 Runs on 13 Hits with 3 Home Runs and 8 Walks over 17.2 Innings for an ERA of 2.55. He throws Fastballs and Curves.

The Brewers start Gio Gonzalez (L, 10 – 11, 4.21 ERA). We saw him for 2 Innings in the Division Championship where he allowed 1 Run on 1 Hit (a Home Run) and 1 Walk for a 4.50 ERA. During 2017 he appeared in 2 games allowing 6 Runs on 6 Hits with 2 Home Runs and 6 Walks for an ERA of 6.75. He didn’t get a decision in any of those games. He throws Heat mixed with Changeups and Curves.