2018 Senior League Championship Game 6: Dodgers @ Brewers

It’s Miller Time.

“He Missed The Tag!!!”

Ok, I couldn’t resist. Video quality still sucks though.

Things look kind of bleak for the Brewers who confront the Dodgers tonight facing elimination. On the other hand they’re at home.

Everyone is on short rest (with a travel day) but with the Brewers’ alternative being Golf (the opposite of fun) they will all be available, including Hader. Suck it up, plenty of time to rest in the off season.

Wade Miley (L, 5 – 2, 2.57 ERA) will open yet again. This is his third appearance in the League Championship where he has so far allowed only 2 hits and) 1 Walk. That’s it. He throws junk starting with Cutters but including a fair portion of Fastballs, Curves, and Changeups.

The Dodgers will start Hyun-Jin Ryu (L, 7 – 3, 1.97 ERA) for the second time. In his initial outing he allowed 2 Runs on 6 Hits with 1 Home Run. He was chased after only 4.1 for an ERA of 4.15. He’s a true 4 pitch Pitcher with Fastballs, Cutters, Curves and Changeups about evenly distributed.

On paper the Brewers should win this easily.

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  1. Kinda sorta cooked. 6 – 2 Brewers, mid-8th. No Hader. Ryu made it only 3 Innings. Miley made 4..1.

    It sure feels like 1986.

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