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2018 Senior League Wild Card: Rockies @ Cubs

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=can-propecia-cause-erection-problems One or done, the http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=purchase-propecia Rockies meet the watch Cubs tonight in a Wild Card game. I have almost nothing nice to say about the http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=accutane-side-effects-after-use Rockies other than they’re not quite as objectionable as some (looking right at you Dodgers) whereas the acquistare viagra generico 25 mg consegna rapida a Verona Cubbies are lovable losers who are now on the rise in addition to being one of the ancient elders for whom respect is due. Who goes a hundred and eight years between Series Championships? The Cubs do and they have those ivy covered walls to prove it.

where to buy real levitra merseyside Jon Lester (L, 18 – 6, 3.32 ERA) will face Kyle Freeland (L, 17 – 7, 2.85 ERA). Freeland is a product of the Rockies system and was in fact born in Denver, Lester is a mercenary. Last year Lester had a 1.88 ERA in the Playoffs even though he didn’t win any games (he didn’t lose any either). Freeland has no post-Season record. Freeland favors Fastballs and Sliders, Lester likes Fastballs and Cutters.

enter site Tomorrow night Lola, damn Yankees.


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  1. Vent Hole

  2. First Pitch Strike

  3. A Walk

  4. Stuck in the ivy . 2nd and 3rd no outs.

  5. Sacrifice Fly. Rockies 1 – 0.

  6. Bottom 1st

  7. Leadoff single

  8. Almost a Pickoff. Successfully challenged. 2 Out 1 On.

  9. Top 2nd

  10. Bottom 2nd

  11. Another leadoff

  12. Force

  13. Top 3rd

  14. 1 On 1 Out

  15. Bottom 4th

  16. Top 5th

  17. Top 6th. 1 On 2 Out.

  18. Bottom 6th

  19. Walk

  20. Solid Single. 2 On 1 Out.

  21. Double Play. Top 7th.

  22. Bottom 7th. 2 On 2 Out.

  23. Tip. Catcher Interference. 3 On 2 Out.

  24. KO. Top 8th.

  25. Leadoff walk

  26. Double Play

  27. Bottom 8th

  28. 2 Down 1 On

  29. Steal!

  30. 1 RBI Double. Game Tied.

  31. Bottom 9th

  32. One on, One Out.

  33. 10th Frame.

  34. Top 11th, 2 Out 3 On.

  35. Cubbies Turn

  36. Leadoff Walk in the Bottom of the 11th.

  37. Sacrifice Bunt

  38. And a Walk. 2 On 1 Out.

  39. Shit. 12 Innings.

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