2018 World Series Game 1: Dodgers @ Red Sox

A Tale from the Athens of America

To lead off there are 33 other Countries in América del Sur y Central and one that’s 3.5% larger to the North, so “America” is hardly descriptive of our geographic location which is why I prefer “United States”. It shows what Bostonians think of themselves though and the truth is there are tons of cultural things to see and do, many of them cheap or free.

While I was there sometimes we’d go to a place called Frank ‘n Furters which sold about 50 different kinds of Sausage and every Beer in the known Universe (It’s Red Stripe. It’s Beer. Hooray Beer.) Oddly enough it didn’t have a particularly Germany theme as you might imagine from the name and the Menu, instead it was locally famous for showing 16mm Prints of old Black and White Classics. Lots of Noir, but also Musicals, Comedies, Horror Flics, Action Movies and Serials. They opened at noon as I recall (or maybe that was just as early as I ever got up unless I had to) and they ran continuously until closing. If one was reasonably thrifty you could sit there for 12 hours and it would only cost like $15, especially if you nursed your Beer and filled up on the free popcorn. Last time I checked the one I frequented wasn’t there anymore, it was a chain but a very small one, maybe 4 or 5 places. I sure hope it didn’t go out of business entirely, it was one of the things I liked best.

It’s Red Sox all the way of course. You know I hate the Traitors of Chavez Ravine but if you think you need a better excuse they also picked a Hotel where the workers are Striking and Broke the Picket Line with nary a sideways glance.

This here is a Union House and we don’t hold with that.

I think the Dodgers looked less than convincing in the League Championships. The Brewers extended them to 7 with no Starting Pitching to speak of which points out how ineffective their Bats were. The Starting Pitchers, particularly their touted Aces were terrible just about as often as they were good. They do have a Bullpen but it isn’t deep. Altogther they looked creaky and old (they looked creaky and old).

The Red Sox cleaned up the ‘Stros in 5 and while they didn’t exactly dominate they did Ok except for their Middle Relievers. They won 108 in the Regular Season and at times they looked like it. Their Closer, Craig Kimbrel is not pitching well and there is speculation he’s been tipping his pitches.

Here’s an interesting bit of trivia from The New York Times

The Red Sox won 108 games in the regular season, which is the most Boston has ever won. It is also the fourth time they have won at least 100 games. In two of those three other seasons, the Red Sox went on to win the World Series. In 1912 they won 105 of 152 games, in 1915 they won 101 of 151 games and in 1946 they won 104 out of 154 games. Only the 1946 team, with Ted Williams, failed to win the World Series.

More trivia-

This is the 100th anniversary of the Red Sox’ third and last World Series title with Babe Ruth. It is also the first time the Dodgers and Red Sox have met in the World Series since 1916. Ruth pitched a 14-inning complete-game victory in Game 2, which the Red Sox won on their way to the title.

Chris Sale (L, 12 – 4, 2.11 ERA), starting for the Sox tonight is a question mark. He’s considered about the best they have but he was injured at the end of the season and missed a lot of the Playoffs sick. He’s appeared in 3 games for 10.1 Innings allowing 4 Runs on 6 Hits and 6 Walks earning a 3.48 ERA and a Win. He throws Fastballs and Sliders.

The Dodgers will send Clayton Kershaw (L, 9 – 5, 2.73 ERA) who has failed to impress in this post-Season. Sure he made the Relief appearance that sent the Brewers Golfing, but is only 2 – 1 in 4 games allowing 6 Runs on 11 Hits with 1 Home Run and 4 Walks in 19 Innings for an ERA of 2.37. He throws Sliders and Fastballs about equally.


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  1. Top 1st scoreless.

  2. RBI, 2 Singles, 1 Steal, No Outs.

  3. 1 more RBI on a Single. 2 – 0 Sox, 1 Out.

  4. Caught Stealing. 2 Down.

  5. Top 2nd

  6. Dodger Solo Shot. 2 – 1. 1 Out.

  7. Sox Down on a Double Play. Dodgers 3rd.

  8. 3 Singles. Tied.

  9. Sox 3rd

  10. RBI Double. 2 Out. Sox 3 – 2.

  11. Top 4th

  12. Dodger 5th

  13. Sox go to the Pen.

  14. Barnes In.

  15. RBI Sacrifice. 2 Out Runner on 3rd. Game Tied.

  16. Sox 5th

  17. Kershaw done. 2 On No Out.

  18. Madson In. Wild Pitch.

  19. Walk. Loaded No Out.

  20. RBI Fielder Choice. Corners 2 Out.

  21. RBI Single. 2 On 2 Out. Sox 5 – 3.

  22. Top 6th.

  23. I’ll note that Sale and Kershaw left at exactly the same time though Kershaw had fewer pitches.

  24. Bottom 6th

  25. Top 7th

  26. 1 RBI Fielder’s Choice. 2 On 2 Out. 5 – 4 Sox.

  27. Bottom 7th

  28. 3 RBI Home Run. 2 Out. 8 – 4 Sox.

  29. Top 8th

  30. Bottom 8th

  31. Top 9th

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