2018 World Series Game 4: Red Sox @ Dodgers

Yawn. Well, that was like watching 2 scoreless Ballgames in a row. The thing about losing in Extra Innings is that you put so much energy into it and didn’t get the result you wanted. For the Red Sox the bad thing is that they used Eovaldi for 6 Innings (about as long as one of his regular Starts) which pretty much takes him off the roster until Game 6 or 7 even though he has a rubber arm. There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth that Cora burned up the entire Red Sox Bullpen but it’s simply not true, besides Eovaldi no one was in there very long, certainly not beyond what would be expected in the Regular Season.

For the Dodgers it was a lot of effort for a result they had to have. They still could lose the Series in Chavez Ravine but there is no way they can win it. Sox are playing for the Split, the Dodgers need the Sweep. Also, they are the team that left their Relievers out there longer than they’re used to. Are they tired? We shall see.

The Traitors of Chavez Ravine will send Rich Hill (L, 11 – 5, 3.66 ERA) to the mound. We haven’t seen him yet in the Series, previously in the post-Season he has appeared 3 times with No Decisions. He’s allowed 3 Runs on 8 Hits with 9 Walks in 10.1 Innings for an ERA of 2.61. He throws Fastballs and Curves and that’s about it.

The Sox will counter with Eduardo Rodriguez (L, 13 – 5, 3.82 ERA). He’s another Lefty which screws with the Dodgers’ Lineup. He’s made 2 appearances so far for 2 Outs, not even a full Inning. Of course his ERA is 0.00. He throws Fastballs, Changeups, and Cutters.


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  11. Bottom 6th

  12. 1 Out Double. 2nd and 3rd. Normally that wouldn’t excite me.

  13. Walk. Loaded.

  14. Out at the Plate. Error at 1st on the Double Play attempt. Runner on 3rd scores. 1 – 0 Dodgers, 2 Out, Runners at the Corners.

  15. 3 RBI Home Run. Dodgers 4 – 0.

  16. New Arm. Walk.

  17. Top 7th

  18. Walk. Out. Walk. Out. 2 Out 3 RBI Home Run. Dodgers 4 – 3.

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  21. Solo Shot. Tied.

  22. Bottom 8th.

    I warning you, I’m not staying up until 3 am again.

    I have Formula One tomorrows.

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  24. 2 Out, 1 RBI Single. Sox 5 – 4.

  25. New Arm! Too late.

  26. Loaded. Still 2 Out, but ‘New Arm!’

  27. 3 RBI Double. Sox 8 – 4. Looks like I might be able to get to bed early tonight, that was a game finisher.

  28. 1 RBI Single. Sox 9 – 4. Still 2 Out, Runners at the Corners.

  29. Bottom 9th

  30. 2 RBI Home Run. Sox 9 – 6, No Out.

  31. Done.

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