So early voting in Texas starts next Monday, October 22nd, and by most accounts Ted Cruz is sitting on an 8 or 9 point lead. On the other hand even after the dark money kicks in O’Rourke has about $10 Million more in the kitty (that he should not dish to other Democratic candidates who have a better chance at winning, his chances of winning are just fine you craven concern troll). Of course there will be a Media Blitz but it’s getting hard to find additional airtime (they run other ads for stuff like Catheters and Boner Pills too you know).

I think the money best invested in Get Out The Vote programs. The reason polls are frequently wrong is their selection of what constitutes a “likely” voter. I think there is a serious underestimation by almost every Polling Organization of exactly how motivated Democrats and Democratic leaning Independent are by the Republican Party’s radical and repressive agenda.

Besides, even Republicans hate Ted.

They recently had a debate that the former Captain of the Princeton Debate Panel did not win and I thought it might amuse you.