Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

My weakness is Mathematics. I can understand what the instantaneous rate of change is but I don’t have the Trig to express it much less a derivative like the rate of change in the rate of change which is why Traders and Economists sneer at me as a lowly Accountant.

In fact I am a Lion Tamer, surfing Continents of Poetry, Prose, and Philosophy with ease, surveying the vastness of Time and Space as well as the uncertainty of small things. I have practical skills like how to set a proper table and make a stained glass window (impossibly hard if you don’t design straight lines, curves are a pain in the ass). I can’t paint or draw but I’m a wiz at page layout and fair enough at photography.

And I write.

Thick books of code and propaganda and training materials, quite impressive in context. Now I write for myself. I had a political career that I have left behind. I am drenched in blood, no ‘Good Place’ for me, Butt Hole Spiders instead.

Most of what they talked about in the first two seasons I already knew though it made me revisit some favorite authors and try some new ones. This season is more conventional so far, if you’re looking for an education I suggest bingeing 1 & 2.

My character? Ted Danson only I don’t have a bald spot I conceal with a mini toup. Bet you thought it was Chidi.

No Exit? Watch me egress.