Scary for White Men

I don’t get it. I don’t get it at all.

Mike Barnicle, I’m looking right at you. Joe Scarborough has already had a dead intern, what’s your excuse?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: The party leadership that was too smart to use polls in 2016, that they just had algorithms that they would follow, that they were leaving white working class Democratic voters behind. So, yes, Trump is using this. He used it in 2016. It worked. You would think between then and now Democrats would figure out a way to reach out more effectively to white working class men who have been the backbone of their party now for a generation.

MIKE BARNICLE: Here’s the deal on that, Joe. If you look at the Democrats and you look at many of the potential candidates they mentioned to be the next Democratic nominee for president, I think you would be hard pressed to find among them more than one or two who actually know how real human beings, Americans live their lives on a daily basis. We can talk about the stock market, we can talk about the booming economy. This is still paycheck to paycheck country for many, many, many people. And the social issues that we’re interested in here on TV, the progressive issues that we would like to see become successful and cemented in American culture and they are very important, they are very crucial, they don’t matter a whole lot to people struggling each and every week to figure out how can they set aside enough money for college tuition for their child. Can they afford to go the movies as a family this weekend? That doesn’t matter to those people and Democrats have forgotten how people live.

Kavanaugh picking a bar fight is DOCUMENTED! There’s a New Haven police report just like Jim Morrison waving his penis around on stage!

He’s a blackout drunk who likes to abuse women and lies under oath.

If those don’t disqualify you from being a Judge, what will?

I have more to say about this but it’s not the kind of language I can put on the front page.- ek

Besides Democratic Voter intensity eclipses Republicans by 2%, they’re a bigger Party, intensity rose 4% (pretty difficult if you’re starting at 78%), and it’s just the one damn poll.

You’re full of crap Joe, and Mike Barnicle too. Mika, you need professional help because you’re in an abusive relationship.