Signs of the times.

I’m not really spoiling anything if I tell you that the Republican Party is withdrawing funding from many candidates who’s chances of winning are marginal. It is, of course, a sign of desperation and a recognition that Democratic candidates are outraising their opponents, sometimes by margins of 2 to 1 or more.

No, what’s interesting about this story is who is getting cut and where they are.

Top GOP funding group snubs incumbents Rohrabacher and Walters 3 weeks before midterm election
By Michael Finnegan and Mark Z. Barabak, Los Angeles Times
Oct 12, 2018

In a worrisome sign for two endangered Orange County lawmakers, a major Republican Party funding group has passed over the pair in its opening round of broadcast television advertising across Southern California.

The omission of Reps. Dana Rohrabacher and Mimi Walters by the Congressional Leadership Fund, a political action committee closely aligned with House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), comes at a crucial inflection point in the midterm election when the two parties begin assessing their likely winners and losers.

“Republicans are taking a cold-blooded look at races to decide where to put resources and where to withdraw resources to put somewhere else,” said Stuart Rothenberg, a nonpartisan election analyst who has spent decades sizing up campaigns.

The GOP has already cut loose several incumbents, including Reps. Mike Coffman in the Denver suburbs and Mike Bishop in southern Michigan.

The Congressional Leadership Fund, which collects multi-million-dollar checks from the Republican Party’s biggest donors, says it is spending nearly $12 million on cable television ads in four House contests in Southern California

On Friday, the super PAC launched an additional $5-million ad campaign on the main broadcast stations in Los Angeles, the nation’s second most expensive media market after New York.

But the fund’s opening broadcast ads support only two of the four Republican candidates in the Southland’s hardest-fought races: Rep. Steve Knight of Palmdale and Young Kim of Fullerton, relegating its Rohrabacher and Walters ads to cable channels with fewer viewers.

Californians have already received their ballots by mail, so immediate advertising is crucial to the fate of the two lawmakers, who are each facing their most serious challenges ever.

Rohrabacher has served 15 terms in Congress and Walters is bidding to win her third term.

Their Democratic challengers are already spending heavily on broadcast television ads. Walters has aired some broadcast commercials too, but Rohrabacher has not.

Dana is probably saving his campaign fund so that when he loses he can just steal it before he goes off to enjoy Wingnut Welfare. Cadillacs and caviar indeed you Thief on the Taxpayer Tit.

I mean, the fact that it’s Dana Rohrabacher who’s probably a Russian spy getting the axe is interesting- good riddance traitor. What’s really noteworthy is that both these candidates represent Orange County (not actually in the Los Angeles media market though the article would have you believe so) that unassailable redoubt of Repubicanism populated by active duty and retired military, their families, and people and families that owe their jobs to the DoD economy which drives the area.