Violent Mobs

I suppose it’s because Right Wing violence is ubiquitous that it’s mostly ignored by the Corporatist Media (more than a few Racists, Misogynists, and Bigots in their ranks too, especially at the higher Executive levels). It’s a ‘Dog Bites Man’ story.

Should a handful of “Antifa Protesters” break a window or burn an unoccupied car or a trash can it is the “Start Of The Communist Revolution!!!” “Man Bites Dog!!!”, and, “Aren’t you a hypocrite for tolerating this? Where is the Outrage!!!”

Banging on The Supreme Court doors? Ruining the dinners of Corrupt Republicans who, if they’re not just as Racist, Bigoted, and Misogynistic as their constituents, are Lying, Cynical, Thieves? All they wanted was a quiet $500 a plate meal with their Missus or Mistress. Where is the civility!? It’s the End Of The World!

Lindsey, my fainting couch. I do declare I feel an attack of the vapors coming on.

Well, the reason I put scare quotes around “Antifa Protesters” is that frequently they’re Alt-Right agent provocateurs. In the ultra-rare case (I estimate that 90%, and probably more, of Political Violence comes from Far Right Fascists) that they’re actually a Leftist, normally they’re also certifiable lunatics that even Lefties won’t talk to because they’re creepy as hell and also probably Cops looking to bust you.

Charlottesville? Now that was a Violent Mob. They beat people, threatened to beat people, and killed one. You doesn’t even have to look that far back (Charlottesville was a little over a year ago), on October 12th, just 11 days ago, members of the Proud Boys and other Alt-Right Fascist Groups beat up a bunch of peaceful counter protesters outside a rally they held in the Metropolitan Republican Club. There were multiple victims, one of whom was captured on cell phone video being kicked in the head by no less that 15 Thugs while they screamed “Faggot” at him (on our sites we call things what they are and don’t Bowdlerize, we are not afraid to be truthful about bigotry and racism). Read all about it at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Now chants of “Lock Her Up” are dated and cliché, and merely rude. This, well…

There may be somebody with tomatoes in the audience. So if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously. Okay? Just knock the hell— I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees. I promise, I promise. It won’t be so much ’cause the courts agree with us too.

In some jurisdictions that’s called Incitement to Riot and is not protected by the First Amendment at all. Did he Incite a Riot? Why, yes. From The New York Times

Donald J. Trump said on Sunday that he would look into paying the legal fees of a man who was accused of sucker-punching a protester at one of Mr. Trump’s rallies last week, directly contradicting his claim that he does not condone violence by his backers.

The man, John McGraw of Linden, N.C., was arrested on Thursday and charged with assault, battery and disorderly conduct. After the incident in Fayetteville, N.C., Mr. McGraw said that next time he might kill the protester, who he said was not acting like an American.

Mr. Trump, the leading Republican presidential candidate, defended Mr. McGraw in an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” program on Sunday, claiming that the protester was taunting him and making crude gestures. While he said he did not want to see violence at his events, Mr. Trump said that the man who threw the punch might have gotten carried away but that he “obviously loves the country.”

Of course he reneged on that promise to pay because in addition to all his other sterling qualities Trump is also a deadbeat.

As you may know retired Hedge Fund Manager George Soros, who does not characterize himself as a Democrat though he frequently contributes to Democratic candidates and Liberal organizations, has been the target of numerous Right Wing conspiracy theories, not only for his political views but out of naked Anti-Semitism because he happens to be Jewish.

The latest one to make the rounds is that he organized and is paying for the Caravan of asylum seekers making its way through Mexico. Not true. MSNBC is now reporting something I saw but can’t find at the moment, which is that it was actually started by a local Honduran politician at a Rally. Update: Found it at Daily BeastForget Trump Hysteria, Here’s How the Migrant Caravan ‘Crisis’ Really Began. It’s even more damning than I remembered, a local TV Station that supports Honduras’ Right Wing Dictator promoted it as disinformation to embarrass the politician. Read.

“Lock Her Up. Lock Her Up.”

So this morning they found a bomb in George Soros’ mailbox.

Explosive device found in mailbox at George Soros home
by Erin Durkin, The Guardian
Tue 23 Oct 2018

An explosive device was discovered in the mailbox outside the home of billionaire financier and philanthropist George Soros, authorities confirmed on Tuesday.

Soros, a political activist and major donor to liberal causes, has been a favorite target for rightwing groups and conspiracy theories, and a magnet for criticism from Donald Trump.

An employee at the home in Katonah, an affluent suburb in wealthy Westchester county, just north of New York City, opened a package that had been left in the mailbox, and found the device. The staff member took the parcel away from the home into a nearby area with trees and undergrowth, then alerted law enforcement.

Bomb squad technicians detonated the package in the wooded area, police told the New York Times. Soros was not home at the time.

“The components were there for an explosive device,” the official told the Associated Press, adding it was “not a hoax device”.

The Bedford police department received a call at about 3.45pm on Monday about the suspicious package in the mailbox, police said in a statement. Katonah is a hamlet within the town of Bedford.

“An employee of the residence opened the package, revealing what appeared to be an explosive device,” the department said. “The employee placed the package in a wooded area and called the Bedford police.”

The case has been turned over to the FBI, which is investigating through its joint terrorism taskforce. “We are conducting an investigation at and around a residence in Bedford, NY. There is no threat to public safety, and we have no further comment at this time,” the FBI’s New York field office said on Twitter.

Investigators are reviewing surveillance video to determine whether the package had been sent through the mail or otherwise delivered, the law enforcement official said. There were no immediate arrests.

Soros, who was born in Hungary, has given money to Democratic candidates and progressive causes after making his billions running a hedge fund.

He has become an arch-enemy of the right, and the address of his home has often been posted on social media along with derogatory comments.

Soros, who is Jewish, has also been the target of antisemitic comments and conspiracy theories.

Trump has targeted him as well, claiming without evidence that protesters opposing the supreme court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh were “paid by Soros and others”.

Most recently, Soros has been falsely blamed for paying Central American migrants to join a caravan of people attempting to travel to the United States. The Florida congressman Matt Gaetz posted a video that claimed women and children being given cash to “storm the US border at election time” and suggested without evidence that the source could be “Soros? US-backed NGOs?”

Soros has also been the target of a hostile media campaign by the nationalist government in his native Hungary.

The FBI and ATF are all over this one because tampering with the U.S. Mail is a Federal Offense.