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Surefire Intelligence Strikes Again

I want to make this crystal clear- I am probably on the record somewhere as saying I like and admire Michael Avenatti and if I had the resources he’d be my 4th choice for my personal attorney (Ok. The first one is a Republican and the most complete and total asshole it’s ever been my misfortune to meet. The second one I used to work for in my Club and his only problem is he thinks he’s the best lawyer in the world and he isn’t because he thinks he’s the best lawyer in the world. The third one I also know from my Club and the thing about him is while he’s not that good personally he knows every lawyer there is and doesn’t mind doing referrals.).

This is still the case. I regret nothing. The good. The bad. It’s all the same.

On the other hand if allegations about domestic violence are true I’d drop him quicker than Stephanie Clifford because I believe women when they report their experiences of abuse.

Only, in this instance, we have an acute absence of even a discount cialis enter single woman. Avenatti’s ex and soon to be ex (c’mon, it’s California dude) both have publicly denied any irregularities in their relationships other than the normal ones that lead people to dissolve their marital contract (he leaves the seat up constantly and deliberately, she messes with the stuff in my man cave).

Does this remind you of another recent case of baseless accusation without a shred of evidence or even a victim?

Bob Mueller! Of course!

Then it won’t surprise you that Michael Avenatti believes the same pair of lying scam artists and con men behind that farrago of falsehood are also the source of the allegations agains him- Jacob Wohl, the 21 year old (born December 12, 1997) Alt-Right troll running a fake detective agency, Surefire Intelligence, out of his Mama’s basement, and Jack Burkman, the poor man’s Roger Stone wannabe.

Now the LAPD has arrested Avenatti on suspicion and one would hope they have a little more evidence than some Internet Rando’s Twit, then again this is the LAPD we’re talking about and other than the fictional Joe Friday and his partner Bill Gannon they don’t exactly have a sterling reputation for competence.

It remains to be seen how this works out but the Institutional Democrats celebrating Avenatti’s removal from the 2020 Primary field are not only premature, they should understand what draws people like me to consider supporting him.

He fights. You don’t.

prednisone 60 mg Avenatti blames pro-Trump conspiracy theorist for arrest

A day after he was arrested on domestic violence allegations, Stormy Daniels attorney and 2020 aspirant Michael Avenatti suggested on social media that pro-Trump activist Jacob Wohl was behind his legal ordeal.

“First Mueller and now me. When we are fully exonerated I am coming for you Jacob Wohl aka Surefire,” Avenatti tweeted.

Wohl, a former hedge fund manager and right-wing blogger, is a central figure in a widely dismissed plot accusing special counsel Robert Mueller of sexual misconduct. At a recent Northern Virginia news conference where he made the claims against Mueller, Wohl acknowledged his connection to a firm called Surefire Intelligence. That private intelligence firm’s Twitter account on Thursday tweeted a link to Avenatti’s arrest then declared: “Surefire Intelligence strikes again.”

Reached Thursday, a Wohl associate who partnered with him on the Mueller allegations, Jack Burkman, said he knew nothing of Avenatti’s allegation against Wohl and said he knew nothing of Avenatti’s arrest until he received media calls. “Must be a West Coast thing,” Burkman said.

Wohl could not be reached for comment.

Over Twitter, Wohl denied any involvement in Avenatti’s situation and said he considered Avenatti’s “I’m coming for you” language a threat and reported it to law enforcement.

“Michael Avenatti seems to believe that I am responsible for him raising his hand to a woman. I am not. Will he release the pictures of his battered victim?”

Avenatti was arrested Wednesday afternoon on the 10000 block of Santa Monica Boulevard and police say he was booked on suspicion of domestic violence.

Prosecutors will ultimately determine whether formal charges will be filed against Avenatti but they have not yet received his case for review, a Los Angeles District Attorney’s office spokesman said Thursday. Avenatti is due in court on Dec. 5, police said.

After his arrest, Avenatti’s ex-wife and his second wife, Lisa Storie-Avenatti, with whom he is in the midst of a divorce, released statements defending Avenatti, saying he had never demonstrated evidence of violence. Upon his release from jail, Avenatti told reporters he had never struck a woman and welcomed a full investigation, which he predicted would clear him.

Also Thursday, Avenatti’s most prominent client, Stephanie Clifford — better known by her porn name Stormy Daniels — released a statement saying that if the allegations against Avenatti were true she would seek other representation. But she urged that “we should all reserve judgment” until an investigation is completed.

Well Stephanie, I’d settle for a credible allegation but we don’t even have follow see that yet.

There is a common term for this type of disinformation that TMC doesn’t like me to use on the Front Page because it’s not safe for work. I am loath to self censor but you can probably fill in the gaps if I tell you it rhymes with “Trucking” and starts with an ‘R’ like “Republican”. A more Internetty term is “SWATing” which designates the practice of making spurious complaints to the Police in order to generate raids and arrests of people you find disagreeable, the more violent, public, destructive, and embarrassing the better.

The Jury is still out.