What’s Cooking: Turkey Carving 101 I suspect that a lot of people will need to watch this. My condolences to the turkeys that were sacrificed to provide the feasts.

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  1. find discount cialis tablets best Thanksgiving wishes TMC, ek, BobbyK, and everyone else reading!

    cheap canada generic canadian levitra I’ll be having dinner with a group of friends, should be right around 20 counting kids. Same group I’ve spent the last several Thanksgivings with. My family is 6 hours drive away, I rarely join the weekend travel mess. Last year I unexpectedly got deputized to carve, so I appreciate the video, and I’m going to sharpen a knife to take with me just in case.

    1. prednisone for cat no prescription Quite a crowd. In Stars Hollow we’ll have only 6 at the table.

      • TMC on November 24, 2018 at 1:30 pm

      quick forum readtopic canadian propecia answer online Happy Holidays, esqimaux. 20 !! Hope the video helped.

      I had a quiet dinner with the daughter and her other half. I was away for several weeks and the peaceful family dinner was a blessing.

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