Too Funny

I don’t mind admitting that the Flynn sentencing recommendations left me a little disappointed and people won’t stop talking about H.W. who ran the most Racist campaigns in modern Presidential History (at the time). He looks good only in comparison with some other recent Presidents, including his son W.

Sir David Attenborough

Too Charitable

The World’s Last Glacier

Scott Free (Mr. Miracle) was the son of Highfather, given as a hostage to Darkseid in exchange for Darkseid’s son, Orion, to cement a truce between New Genisis and Apokalypse.

Yeah, big Kirby fan. What’s it to yah?


It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane


The Folks Next Door

The Trash Eating Racoon Segment

Greeting Cards

No Mail Today

Rudy Giuliani, Cyber-Tech Wizard

Take The Flower By The Thorns

Am I done with the Comedy Gold? No. Tomorrow Trevor visits Soweto for Mandela’s 100th Birthday and his strange silence since then.

Oh, and whatever comes out of Mueller’s Office. Also “A Labour Brexit”.