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source site The thing about YouTube is that once you click on something, even if you’re just curious and it turns out to be a vile piece of trash (oh, none of these are trash, don’t get me wrong), all kinds of similar things turn up follow forever..

You have no idea how much Jodi Whittaker/Alexis Bledel/Kelly Marie Tran hate shows up because I clicked on a video about Dr. Who/Gilmore Girls/Star Wars that had an interesting and innocuous title, whether I watch to the end or not.

Not to mention the Alex Jones Infowars crap and all the KKK and Nazi stuff that goes with it since, well, I write about politics and sometimes I need to see what people are reacting to.

Still, the reason I watch Cable instead of streaming movies is I like a lot of stuff that that I wouldn’t have chosen for myself and the element of randomness makes even my oldest favorites seem fresh. Only seen follow Casablanca about a thousand times, but I wouldn’t want to watch it a thousand times in a row.

source url Paparazzi – Lady Gaga

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