I love it when Late Night comes back.

It’s the only news I really trust.

Let’s get this straight. If you say and do Racist things, you’re a Racist. If you support Racists, you’re a Racist.

I understand why deplorables resent being called Racists because even they have some dim-bulb understanding that Racism is bad and we think they’re morons.

Sorry for your delicate Fee-Fees you thin skined snowflakes. You are Racist and we think you’re deplorable, evil, and stupid. Want to stop that? Stop being a damn Racist!

Busy, Busy, Bigot- The Game for Republicans,?b>

Republicans are Perverts too.

It makes perfect sense that a man who wants to have sex with his own daughter is friends with a convicted Sex Offender and Pedophile.

Conventional Late Night

With Co-Host Jason Jones and give it up for Granny and the Bees.