Tuesday Noon

I haven’t felt very funny this weekend. Trevor, Stephen, and Seth have cheered me up a bit, but I warn you I’ll be traveling again tomorrow so there might be some stuff or maybe not. I’m also very busy today with meatspace so I can’t promise prolific output at all.

I probably won’t talk about the tragedies directly, Republicans have promised the same thoughts and prayers they always do. They have claimed the shooters were Leftists, you could do as much damage with a knife, it’s mental illness, it’s the Internet or violent video games.

Never a word about the pervasive Racism, Misogyny, and Bigotry their Party endorses and encourages. Never a word about the rampant incitement to violence by their Political Leaders.

Never a word about guns.

It is amazing to me that so far this year, in 2019, we have experienced more than one mass shooting a day.

Every day.