When did it stop being funny?

One answer is in 1980 when Chappaquiddick Teddy lost the nomination to pathetic ineffective ConservaDem Carter who got creamed by Zombie St. Reagan. Things certainly declined rapidly from there.

Another answer is they were never funny. The guy doing the prat falls is dead.

How do you feel about that? Did you laugh? Why?

Does it make you sigh, cry, want a guy? Me oh my Naomi!

Ok, enough of that. Next you’ll accuse me of writing rap. There’s a beat on the street and you need to be meek and submissive. They’ll be gunning you down just for being a bit brown and that’s threatening.

Polo Shirts and Khakis, MAGA Hats look snappy, Tiki Torches optional. It doesn’t matter Muffey, trust fund Heirs are ok. Jews will not replace us.

Jackboots and clubs we have the Thugs…

To politely request your compliance- seriously.

Without a bullet in my back you’ll never bring me down and that’s a side I’m never ever showing to you clowns. It’s not the gun that hates, but it’s the gun that kills and if it’s knives or rocks you lose the war of ideas.


Editorial Notes!

It is the tradition of The Stars Hollow Gazette (and DocuDharma for that matter) to publish Front Page Poetry even if I do have to write the damn stuff myself.

On 1980, it is fair to say that while Teddy did not distinguish himself by his behavior at the Bridge, it was not much different from others.