Lone Star

Alas, not isolated in this case but joined with geographic lost causers and believers in illusions of a legendary West (Guns were strictly regulated most places, what do you think the O.K. Corral was about?

To reduce crime in Tombstone, on April 19, 1881, the city council passed ordinance 9, requiring anyone carrying a bowie knife, dirk, pistol or rifle to deposit their weapons at a livery or saloon soon after entering town.

However it takes a special kind of State to implement new Laws designed to make it easier to get and carry more Guns the day after the second Mass Shoot shooting in 3 weeks and call them “Gun Control Measures”.

Ah yes, a special kind of State where it’s considered normal behavior, nothing out of the ordinary at all, to whip out your Pistol and threaten to kill some hapless minimum wage Fast Food Employee because they’re sold out of the trendy new Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich WHICH HAS BEEN SOLD OUT NATIONWIDE FOR THE LAST 3 WEEKS!

Ya dumbass.

I am not joking at all.

Man threatens Popeyes employees with gun after chicken sandwich sold out
by Martin Pengelly, The Guardian
Tue 3 Sep 2019

A man pulled a gun at a Popeyes restaurant in Houston on Monday, after being told it had run out of the fast-food chain’s insanely popular chicken sandwich.

The Popeyes sandwich generated national buzz soon after it was released, with a clever social media campaign, in the middle of August. Long lines formed at restaurants and national newspapers and websites ran reports, reviews and OpEds about an unexpected cultural phenomenon.

In its own review of the sandwich, which simply contains battered chicken, pickles and sauce, the Guardian said: “It’s probably not going to save America and it bears only a passing resemblance to true love, but it is very, very good.”

Last week, Popeyes said the popular new comestible had sold out nationally.

“You ate ’em ALL,” the company said. “Legit proud of you.”

Popeyes told the Washington Post it was “working tirelessly to bring the new sandwich back to guests as soon as possible”. Fans were told they could sign up for the restaurant’s app, through which they would be told when the sandwich was available again.

This news was not universally welcomed. In Tennessee, according to NBC, a man sued the restaurant chain for $5,000, alleging false advertising.

In Houston, things got more serious. Restaurant employees told a local TV station that three men, two women and a baby at the drive-through and were told the chicken sandwiches were sold out. One of the men produced a gun, the employees said, and the group left the baby in a vehicle before trying to get inside the building. They were locked out.

“It was more of an aggravated assault because he was displaying a weapon and threatened employees,” Lt Larry Crowson of the Houston PD told ABC13.

The group left the premises in a blue SUV. Police were viewing surveillance video and asking the public for tips.

I’m told the new Chicken Sandwich is much better than Chick-fil-A who are, in any event, Evangelical Homophobes. Wouldn’t know myself, didn’t get a chance to try it.