And Now You Know

I’m actually kind of anxious having just 5 days of hearings, although the facts are abundantly clear-

Unindicted Co-Conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio in violation of the criminal statutes involving withholding Federal funds and Election Financing as well as his Oath of Office and the Constitutional crime of Bribery personally directed the Majesty and Power of the United States and its Official Government Agencies to Extort a Foreign Power to interfere in our democratic processes for his own benefit.

He admits it. Live. On TV.

(Ok, horrible video. Doesn’t even start until 7 minutes in but, there it is- 8:30. Never say I don’t give you context though. It’s like a favor.)

I’ve only seen this twice before (No, I didn’t see Johnson. I’m not as old as my Mom.). It seems…


I can’t shake the feeling that Nancy and the Institutionals are pulling a Pilate- washing their hands as fast as possible and simply resigned to the idea this is going nowhere in the Senate which is certainly possible, even likely.

That would miss the point.

Look, I’m no Bubba Booster (nor Bernie Bro, I have my own agenda) and I think power relationships made it creepy, but it was consensual and “Is” in fact has a whole lot of meanings, with it, or variants, BEING (a variant) THE SINGLE MOST POPULAR VERB EVER!

I’m sorry if that sentiment offends you. Not about the sentiment, that it offends you.

Now Tricky Dick (forget that parallel with Slick Willie?) did something way worse- he subverted the actual instruments of legitimate Government for partisan and personal advantage. Get it?

Unless Unindicted Co-Conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio resigns (I hear he’s sick, cough, cough) or is Impeached the future threshold will be an extramarital Blowjob and besides- Glass Houses! Impeach him anyway!

My position is that even, no- especially, in this instance the crimes are manifest beyond a reasonable doubt and wide spread, indicting many prominent Republicans in the commission and cover up including (but not limited to) Pence, Pompeo, and Mukasey. I’ll deliberately skip Perry because despite the glasses I think him no brighter than a drawer of socks that desperately need sorting and incapable of forming intent. He should be institutionalized so a Federally paid staff can administer appropriate care.

Ukraine-gate (Are we calling it that yet? It’s so hard to tell.) is not the limit of the scope of the scandal that envelops Unindicted Co-Conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio, his Crime Family, and Republican Racketeers.

Nancy, you have him, and them, dead to rights. At least carry through on this and please, please, please no “looking forward.”

It sets a bad example.