I admit when I was first exposed to this song I dismissed it as a piece of lightweight fluff that had reasonable musicality (nothing as challenging as the guitar riff in Badge for instance, let alone the 5/4 break in Dancing Fool) and questionable lyrics that apparently endorsed unrealistic expectations of women which, while not being personally familiar with their oeuvre in detail, was aware enough of Cake’s general reputation to accept as satiric, ironic commentary.

I was wrong.

It’s much more bitter than that. This is the official video-

Short Skirt / Long Jacket – Cake

Yeah. What do you think about Cake now?

Girl All The Bad Guys Want – Bowling For Soup

Wonderful – Everclear

Things to never say-

“You should smile more.”

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  1. >>questionable lyrics that apparently endorsed unrealistic expectations of women
    LOL, in other words a pop song. Or you could pick songs written by or for women artists that have equally unrealistic expectations of men.

    unlike most of the music you post, I’m actually familiar with Short Skirt Long Jacket, one of my bands covered it. I had not previously disliked Cake or the song, but that video is really fucking weird.

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