A song about suicide.

Trigger alert, though you can listen and just enjoy it as I did for many years.

As the site’s resident basket case of Anxiety and Depression let me assure you my nihilistic fantasies involve watching everything burn thus I can not rest but shall haunt you like a revenant so my personal safety is not a question until I see you all in Hell shortly after the Heat Death of the Universe.

You meet a much more interesting class of people.

Hey Man, Nice Shot – Filter

Flagpole Sitter – Harvey Danger

I imagine, since I’m one of those who choose to be open to talking about their Mental Health, that my audience understands that the overwhelming feeling of futility that marks Depession does not always result in anger (expressed in self and other destruction) because for us, well… me, that too is pretty pointless.

So you blow up the Earth. Do you think the Universe notices?

Best to tend to your writing ek, ephemeral photons.