Impeachment: Fast and Furious

In case you’re wondering why we haven’t posted much on the Impeachment of the dimwitted conman in the Oval Office, it’s because it’s just moving at the speed of light. In just the last week, since the House Democrats started releasing the witness transcripts that were held behind closed doors, there have been thousands of pages to wade through. The news organization have also found it a daunting task to keep up and they have staff! We don’t.

Even MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has thrown up her hands trying to keep up with the nearly impossible quantity of information flowing from Capitol Hill.

Rachel has also come up with a solution for us busy people to stay abreast of events.

If you have subscriptions the New York Times and the Washington Post both have live updates here and here.

Public hearing begin next Wednesday. I expect that the GOP clowns will be on their best game to disrupt as best they can.