Not A Rant

Sorry Bill, some of us don’t like your fat shaming, anti-Vax, Islamophobic, Glibertarian ass as much as others do.

Not that I hold it against you, free speech and all, but I think you a poor representative of Atheists because you’re just too rude. I really don’t feel compelled to stand outside the Church doors and yell at the people going in and out that they’re idiots.

I might think it, but I wouldn’t stand outside. Too much work (lost 40 pounds over the last year, but that’s not necessarily a good thing).

Oh, you want my diet tips- 1) Stop Eating Crap, 2) Don’t Eat When You’re Not Hungry. They kind of hunt in a pack. Crap is food you don’t even like eating but do anyway because it’s what’s handy. That hungry thing? Are you? Are you really? Maybe you’re just bored.

I say this not to shame, these are my bad habits. So I lost some weight and 40 pounds seems like a lot (I can certainly feel it) but I was 70 over my target at least so I’m hardly wasting away. As you might imagine from my foodie commentary I don’t stint or count calories, I’ve just learned to ask myself-

“Do I really want a bowl of Instant Mashed Potatoes mixed with Cottage Cheese (makes it healthy, like the raisins in Oatmeal Cookies) slathered in Sour Cream and a Quarter stick of Butter topped with a generous dose of Salt, Pepper, and Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard.”

Look, it’s delicious and you should try it but you shouldn’t make it your go-to 30 Second meal.

People look at you funny, eat pasta (cook it ahead) and pesto instead.