Medicare For All!

John Oliver is finally back and he kicks off with a piece about ‘Medicare For All’.

He correctly points out at least 2 major points, one of which is ‘Medicare’ is kind of a misnomer because that program leaves out a lot of Health Services and requires Co-Pays while ‘Medicaid’, the one it most resembles, covers almost everything.

Paid for by Taxes of course because people don’t understand money and that brings up the second point.

It saves a ton of money.

It does so through 2 principal mechanisms- collective bargaining power putting pressure on Service Expenses and elimination of For Profit Health Insurance.

The entire Industry is an Economic Leech by definition. The only way they make money is through denial of Services. Do you want your critical Health Care Services denied because they’re too expensive? Are you rationally choosing to die rather than spend a penny Scrooge?

Nothing rational about you. You’re a nut.

Even my sister who works in the Industry thinks Health Insurance is a straight up rip off (told you, the Liz waffle is what put her off) which is why she positions her cv more as a generalized developer of procedures and training applicable to any business. Before this gig she sold T-Shirts.

Bernie is somewhat correct in that in order to see the benefits a good portion of the Market is going to have to shift and the full effects will not be realized until participation is nearly universal. Above all young, healthy, invincible, immortals can not be excused from what is actually a Civic Duty.

I mean caring for Sick People, or are you one of those ‘shove ’em out on an ice flow’ types? At least have the decency not to admit it.

And he’s right on another front too- you don’t negotiate with yourself. So you have to compromise, you’ll get more of what you want if you actually, you know, ask for what you want.