So lindybeige is a YouTuber I encountered because of my interest in Medieval Warfare. Among other things he makes a compelling case that Spears are better than Swords (you can make them as long as you like, they don’t take much metal or time to produce, and you can throw them) but I can’t imagine most of you are interested in arcana like that.

Evidently he married someone and moved to the States and his new channel, Lost in the Pond is about the cultural differences between the UK and the US. He’s a funny guy and perhaps Conservative in the British Way (slightly to the Left of Corporatist Democrats). I’ve screened a lot of his stuff and haven’t heard him make any really reprehensible statements, though I don’t always agree.

It’s pretty safe to watch these with the exception that you could get some weird YouTube recommendations since War Gaming and Re-Enacting tend to skew a little Right. You might get some Prepper and Gun stuff and you’ll probably get a bunch of History too. The thing about History guys is that some of them have an agenda. Masons are not going to take over the World which by the way- isn’t flat. Yes Mr. Bucksbaum, how many Units has it been?

That’s my Agenda.

lindybeige on the other hand is a straight up Geek. Mostly harmless.