Not the only epidemic.

Diabetes is a disease that was already at epidemic levels pre-Corona. I’ve known several people with very bad conditions and some were careful and some were not. It raises your likelihood of dying from Corona by like a thousand percent (20% of Diabetics admitted for Corona die vs. 2% of a more general population).

There are people who think (though I’m being super charitable to call it thinking at all) recreational use of Insulin is a good idea. My Doctor friend says “Sure, take some pills too. Then jump off the roof.”

You see, if you’re producing enough Insulin any extra is poison. Like I say I’ve known several Diabetics and Hypoglycemic Shock is not pretty to witness and is frequently deadly. That’s why most of the Insulin dependent types I know also pack a tube of Glucose right next to their testing supplies.

Sugar? For a Diabetic?

You have to give that Insulin something to do if you don’t want to die. I’ve also been on high speed late night Convenience Store runs for folks though this one guy said, “I need 3 Sea Breezes- Stat!”

It’s something I don’t have to worry about. When I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration I had a whole lot of Blood Work done to test because it can be a cause or a contributing factor.

Nope. Me strong like Bull except for my 20 foot long list of pre-existing conditions.