Rock, Rock, Rock And Roll High School

Well, first of all, Public Education is a system of conditioning an Army of obedient Meat Puppets as Labor Slaves for Corporatists.

Now don’t mistake my cynicism. I had a wonderful Education I greatly enjoyed, mostly because my Teachers were scared of me in that Anthony Fremont kind of way.

I admit I am somewhat disturbed by Ned Lamont’s decision to leave it to Local School Boards (generally populated by militant Dominionists because the Left is not organized very well) and the nearly universal assumption that “Age Cohort Bonding” or “Socialization” is as or more important than actually knowing stuff.

“I just figure, a State with a 1% Positivity Rate, that low, if we can’t Open, nobody else will be able to Open.”

So the Land with the Steady Habit of selling you Wood Chips and calling it Nutmeg, innovators in the Cotton Trade, Race Slavery, and Sweatshops, has decided that we’ll be willing Guinea Pigs for this Social Experiment.


Hope that all works out.

North Paulding High to go online for 2 days after COVID cases
By Ty Tagami, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Aug 9, 2020

The Paulding County high school that became infamous for hallways crowded with unmasked students will retreat online for at least a couple days this week after revealing that a half-dozen students and three staffers were diagnosed with COVID-19.

The district said it needs time to disinfect the North Paulding High School building and look for other potentially infected individuals.

“On Monday and Tuesday, the school will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and the district will consult with the Department of Public Health to assess the environment and determine if there (are) any additional close contacts for confirmed cases who have not already been identified,” Paulding Superintendent Brian Otott wrote in a letter to parents Sunday.

Otott said parents will be notified Tuesday evening about whether North Paulding High School will reopen Wednesday.

I apologize for any inconvenience this schedule change may cause, but hopefully we all can agree that the health and safety of our students and staff takes precedence over any other considerations at this time,” he wrote.

Otott’s letter followed one Saturday by Principal Gabe Carmona disclosing to parents that six students and three staff members who were in the school last week had reported getting positive tests for the coronavirus.

The school made national news after it opened Monday and images of the crowded hallways quickly went viral on social media.

The school district suspended two students, including one who publicly acknowledged posting one of the photos on Tuesday. The punishment led to a national outcry from critics who said school leaders were trying to silence the students. After the pushback, the district relented and lifted the suspensions on Friday.

In the weekend letters from Otott and Carmona, district officials advised parents to have their children tested for COVID-19 if they were displaying common symptoms, such as fever or loss of taste or smell.

Angie Franks said both her nephews who attend the school have tested positive for COVID-19. One came home from school Monday unable to smell, she said in an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. His mother took him for testing and got results the next day that showed he had been infected with the coronavirus, Franks said. By then, his brother was exhibiting symptoms and was also tested. His positive results were returned Wednesday.

The students are quarantining at home, but both went to North Paulding High on the first day of school last Monday. Franks said the boys’ father notified the school on Tuesday and Wednesday after getting their test results.

“They sat in class all day long with no masks and not social distancing,” Franks said. “And I have no idea how many kids they came into contact with.”

She said the boys did not grasp the gravity of the virus and weren’t encouraged to wear masks in classrooms or hallways by the school. Paulding County’s school system is not mandating masks for students and staff, although it is supplying them for teachers.

Concerns about Paulding’s safety planning led one school nurse to resign from the district last month.

We can probably do better than that.