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Canadian Cherry Picking

We used to go out to Michigan every Summer. I found it boring and painful which I supposed spoiled it for the rest of the family, though how many times is deep fried Chicken from Frankenmuth exciting (for the record the first Girlfriend who let me get to Second Base was from Frankenmuth and that …

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Some Limes

For the Flies. Frontline Vice


How far up your ass is the hand, puppet? Yeah. All 33 Minutes. Like, not old. Yesterday. And Cat Sufferage!

Go State

So on Friday I’m going to miss the Memorial Service for my Aunt. It’s too bad really. I liked her a lot, thought she was cool because she drove a Corvette and wore Designer Ripped Blue Jeans. She did other things but was a Professor at Michigan State University and many of her friends and …

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Did I Miss Anything Interesting?

Wow. Wow. Hot Dogs. Apple Pie. Chevrolet. I hope you’re using this instruction time on Republican attack messaging. They’re really, really good at it.

Rock, Rock, Rock And Roll High School

Well, first of all, Public Education is a system of conditioning an Army of obedient Meat Puppets as Labor Slaves for Corporatists. Now don’t mistake my cynicism. I had a wonderful Education I greatly enjoyed, mostly because my Teachers were scared of me in that Anthony Fremont kind of way. I admit I am somewhat …

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Wake up, Maroon.

No More ‘Game of Thrones’?!

Sadly we are without John this week and reading the YouTube Descriptions (or maybe I’ve visited often enough that I get automatic notification, I’m just happy I get less Fascist spam) informs me that the final Marble Runs of the 2020 Season will be posted next week. Well, I’m kind of sad but the absence …

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No Sports?

A Keel? A Rudder? A Sail? Those are things a Ship needs. What a Ship is… Is Freedom. Finals next, but they’re not posted yet because? We’re on AC36 in case you’re keeping score and the actual factual races won’t take place before January – February 2021 (which makes sense because it’s in New Zealand). …

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Oh, My Beautiful Wickedness

What a day, what a day, what a day. Thoughts and prayers.

This Afternoon’s Presser

There is no reason to believe it will be any different from yesterday’s. I had the good fortune not to watch any of it myself, but some people think it’s… Instructive. Calling it a ‘peaceful protest,’ Trump flouts coronavirus guidelines with golf club gathering By Toluse Olorunnipa, Washington Post August 8, 2020 Just before 7 …

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What Makes A Sandwich A Sandwich? Well, if you believe the myth it’s a piece of bread or two (there is considerable debate on this point) with a stuffing that you can eat without utensils while playing cards and not getting them greasy. On a deeper level, what is anything? Plato posited “Absolutes” which carried …

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