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Sometimes it’s like this. Posting from North Lake can be interesting, in that painful sense that it’s not at all reliable. However, since North Lake is pretty remote (we don’t have cell service, landlines only) they’re literally the only game in town. They are fairly prompt at fixing it if by prompt you mean anywhere from 8 to 48 … Continue reading


follow Underground – Lindsey Stirling Into The Summer – Incubus What Am I – Why Don’t We

Cartnoon Mrs. Betty Bowers

On Mental Health So I’m also the site’s clinically diagnosed sufferer from Depression and Anxiety (also SAD and PTSD) and I’ve been in Therapy for years (I recommend it to everyone). I’ve come to the conclusion that Existential Depression is not my main problem at the moment, in 14 Billion years or so the Universe will either disperse …

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Erik Thorvaldson’s Big Swindle

watch I suppose as the resident Viking (I’m a quarter Danish, that’s why I have the Ben Franklin seal of ‘Whiteness’ you turkeys which is proof enough that not every idea is a good one) I have to say something about Greenland, and Denmark for that matter. Denmark is basically a flat swampy part of Germany …

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Jesus! I am overjoyed to meet you face to face You’ve been getting quite a name all around the place Healing cripples, raising from the dead And now, I understand you’re God At least, that’s what you’ve said So, you are the Christ, you’re the great Jesus Christ Prove to me that you’re divine – …

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Do you believe it’s fascism now?

Fascism is not dependent on anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is an unfortunate side effect. Accusing people of “dual loyalty” based upon religious belief is to say Catholics or Jews or Muslims are “other” and is pure hatred and bigotry designed to separate winners (fascists) from losers (everyone else). It’s an expression of the anger they have for …

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Italian Politics, Briefly Explained.

This is a really helpful take given that I’d be tempted to start with Aleric’s Sack of Rome on August 24th, 410 (CE), not the less well known one by Brennus of the Gauls in 390 (BCE). Clio is a harsh mistress. After over 1000 years of division Giuseppe Garibaldi (a fascinating man, you should …

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How about my Metropolitans? Nine games trailing the Braves and 6 shy of the Nationals riding a 3 game streak. Two losses behind the Cubs for the last Wild Card. Yankees and Dodgers tied at 83 – 44 for best.

Yeah, I never waste time gaming.


The Police State That Already Exists

Borders are not where you think they are. If you live within 100 miles of an “International” Airport (and most people do), you’re technically in “Border Country” and Customs and Border Patrol can stop and arrest you on whim, without pretext let alone a warrant or probable cause. I have no idea what it’s like …

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The Facepalm Five Told you I might be putting up some more Steve Shives. I find the incest controversy over Steve King instructive. If you are a Bible believing Christian (as I was raised to be, Methodist you know) whom did Adam’s sons marry? Their Daughter of Lilith Half Sisters? Do the Math. Well now, …

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