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Soy Boy What medical professionals will tell you about extreme diets is… Well, they’re extreme. Now if you have a paleo view of diets you primarily think of them as a way to control your weight and while an All Grapefruit diet can peel off the pounds and Grapefruits are not unhealthy (unless you’re taking one of … Continue reading


follow Of course occasionally I’d let you dance. Let’s Dance – David Bowie The Politics of Dancing – Reflex Gonna Make You Sweat – C+C Music Factory

Lügenpresse You know, I started Cody Johnston in Cartnoon because he used to be funny. Don’t believe me? Watch- Fuller House I mean it. Have you ever seen Fuller House? It is was always this bad (c’mon the theme song celebrates the fact that’s it’s utterly predictable in that three camera sitcom kind of way). The … Continue reading

Surefire Intelligence Strikes Again

buy lasix online with overnight delivery I want to make this crystal clear- I am probably on the record somewhere as saying I like and admire Michael Avenatti and if I had the resources he’d be my 4th choice for my personal attorney (Ok. The first one is a Republican and the most complete and total asshole it’s ever been my … Continue reading


generic viagra us My name is ROGER MURDOCK. I’m an Airline Pilot. LISTEN, KID! I’ve been hearing that crap ever since I was at UCLA. I’m out there busting my buns every night! Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes!

Sympathy For The Devil

Look, there is definitely a Left case to make against the European Union- it’s Institutions are Anti-Democratic, it’s regulatory bodies are Industry Captured and in a way that prevents local initiatives to mitigate negative effects (affects is pretending), it’s Financial Institutions are biased toward Hayekian Austerity. These are all very good points which might have …

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Exhibit Two

Exhibit One being of course the Lester Holt interview shortly after the Comey firing. This is not rocket science. Trump has admitted in public and on tape that he’s Obstructed Justice, which is illegal. All this crap about how a meeting with Mueller is necessary to determine if he had “criminal intent” is just that- …

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Back In Black (Flat Earth) “I was told my tax dollars were going to murdering monkeys in space.”

Smelling The Coffee

If you are a reader of regularity you must know by now that I think Republicans, all of them, are at best useless greed heads and more typically Bigoted, Misogynous, Racist Monsters. Unfortunately for the Democratic Party most of the ones that are merely scam artists and con men are abandoning their Party in droves …

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Rolex Xtreme

More about Peckers.


Cats are evil

One Night In Bangkok

Ok, so Chess is a sport in the same way that motor racing is a sport which is to say that while it has some athletic subtleties (hey, this maximus gluteus didn’t happen by accident, it took years and years of joystick work to develop these sitz skills) it doesn’t depend on physical ability as …

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