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The Abuser’s Argument

I have some experience of Domestic Violence in my family and know a lot of other people who have been involved in that situation which makes a lot of sense, it’s kind of pervasive and the more aware you are the more you see, even in some interactions considered “normal”. Two words- Mika Brzezinski. Joe …

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I don’t give a stitch if I don’t get rich

C’mon guys, Rogers and Hart. I am never, ever going to watch Cats: The Movie Athens of America Red Carpet Plantation Wedding I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair.

No Joke

The crime is soliciting personal benefit for Government (or Institutional in the fiduciary sense) action. He’s admitted his guilt in public. Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes? Unindicted Co-conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio Public Domain Condoleezza Rice More Disney Golddiggers

Perseverance Porn

Hey, Google has monetized Cody. Not to be an influencer mind you, that would be so CB/Beta Basic. Good deeds never go unpunished. Not to be mistaken for a Cartnoon despite the time and tag. Remember, I am sponsored by a Patron like Mozart (or Salieri) so my Art is on public display because of …

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Proposed Articles of Impeachment

First of all, only the 2. I am very afraid that the cowardly Institutional Democrats are simply conceeding defeat, cravenly content with a mere symbolic token of resistance to the criminal treason of this regime. Were there Justice not only the Unindicted Co-conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio and his stooge Pence, but his henchmen Mukasey, Barr, Pompeo, …

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Late Night Reaction

Stephen Seth


Not bragging, but 2 Channels each (2 UHF) of 4 Networks and 3 VHF Independents and bunch of other UHF that came and went (big fan of LIW when the wind was fair).

For the Record: Day 7

Judiciary Committee Evidentiary Hearing Unindicted Co-Conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio had Tuesday availble to present any exculpatory testimony. Evidently there is none. It’s very simple really, the act of soliciting personal benefit from a Foreign National using the resources of the United States is Constitutional Bribery. He’s admitted doing it srveral times on Video Tape, in writing, …

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September 30, 1985

I was going to title this Pig Vomit and then I feared you’d think I was talking about Hillary with whom I have many policy differences but I’m sure (because I know people who know, you know) she’s just as much fun to hang out with as Bill and waaay smarter (though he’s no mental …

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Santa! Free Your Elf Slaves!

Mean Girls The Roadie QVC Empire More Hip Hop Cheeseheads Benifer Liberty Medical Catheter Collection Cinderella Body Shaming Oh, news. I’ll remind you “Bless your heart,” is Southern Speak for requesting you perform an act of extreme flexibility.

Weekend Cartnoon

The New New Year’s/St. Pat’s Not that John should be throwing stones. One word- Scousers.

The Overland Campaign

Ever want to know how we defeated tne Rebellion for Slavery? It is said that after Pickett’s Charge Robert E. Lee was never again able to gain Battlefield Initiative. That’s not strictly true and what does it mean anyway? Well, it means being able to force your opponent to respond to your actions. How futile …

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