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Fall Out- Part One It’s not like there aren’t things and stuff. The real question is why decline to prosecute characters like this? Blackwater founder Erik Prince helped fund effort tied to obtaining Clinton’s emails By John Bowden, The Hill 04/18/19 Blackwater founder Erik Prince was involved in funding an effort to verify if a cache of stolen emails … Continue reading

Naturally Dyed Eggs

follow (As I said below I’ll be away this year, but you can make them any time- they’re very pretty.- ek) NATURALLY DYED EGGS Now with updates! Natural Easter Egg Dyes In the Gilmore house there is no surer sign of Easter than onion skin boiled eggs.  I like them much more than the traditional store … Continue reading

Cartnoon Relax, it’s only a game. Transferring operations to North Lake (if not points more remote and urgent). While I hope you notice no interruption in obnoxiousness things happen when you’re on the road. Spring Break! Woot!

Less and More than it seems.

buy lasix online with overnight delivery Thank goodness I didn’t bother with the pre-Game hype. Republicans seem to be stuck in the Barr moment this morning and it certainly colored the early coverage when there wasn’t anything to look at and later when there hadn’t been time to read it. It is, as predicted, heavily redacted. The problem from my perspective … Continue reading

This is your Rifle. This is your Gun. One is for Fighting, the other’s for Fun.

What is Dana Loesch doing today? Secrecy, Self-Dealing, and Greed at the N.R.A. By Mike Spies, New Yorker April 17, 2019 (T)he N.R.A. is troubled; in recent years, it has run annual deficits of as much as forty million dollars. It is not unusual for nonprofits to ask prospective donors to help forestall disaster. What …

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When I was fairly young a train derailed near where I and my sister were spending time with the Gilmore side of the family. Of course we had to go see it so we loaded up in the Station Wagon which was cool because the Tailgate Seats faced out to the rear. There was quite …

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Isn’t it nice to begin your day with a dose of cheery optimism?

Excuse me. I distinctly remember someone saying we’re not going to make it. I think we made it. I’m sorry, I overreacted. At the time, it looked very much like we weren’t going to make it. Yes, well, maybe next time you’ll just wait and see. And blow the last chance I might ever have …

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Julian Assange

tl;dr, I know. I feel I should state my position up front. I think that Wikileaks performs a valuable service which is fully covered by all the protection the First Amendment offers. I think that Julian Assange is a hero for helping to initiate it and the allegations against him by the Swedes unfounded and …

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An Embarrassment Of Lies

PragerU, Candace Owens, and Cody testifies before Congress in the body of a young Black woman from Connecticut by warging ala Bran Stark and the Night King. C’mon people, I only have 5 more weeks to work off my Game of Thrones trivia.


Along with the Portuguese, Connecticut is infested with Poles (don’t get me started about the Italians and Irish). I hope you realize that I’m merely being sardonic about Racism and Bigotry in general. It’s not that I have no opinion, I think it’s bad and you should publicly shame Racists and Bigots at the very …

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Kangaroo Court Show Trials

Well, we won’t be getting them soon. Let’s take a moment to remember why we can’t have just a plain old regular trial instead of these cobbled together travesties. THE UNITED STATES TORTURES PEOPLE! And evidence obtained by torture is inadmissible. Guantanamo military tribunal hit with another legal setback By JOSH GERSTEIN, Politico 04/16/2019 A …

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The Modern Monetary Theory Wave

Frankly when I started highlighting it and writing about some of the core concepts it was because I thought it was hip and edgy. I certainly never expected it to find such wide acceptance so soon. Understanding Fiat Money is easy if you have a background in Keynesian Economics. Some still dismiss it (looking at …

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