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Captain Planet Ok, that one’s a little obscure. In addition to his many other accomplishments Don Cheadle was the star of the eponymous Captain Planent on Funny or Die, the funny part of which was that he was nothing like the hero of the Saturday moring children’s cartoon of the same name. I used it for a … Continue reading


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Another Rose Garden Meltdown Comemntary on yesterday’s long expected development is basically divided into 2 main threads. First is- ZOMG! Unindicted Co-conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio could win given this Supreme Court! He really can’t because it not just the broad challenges on Constitutionality which are true and precedented, but also the thousands of small lawsuits by Landowners many of whom … Continue reading


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Losing With A Stiff Upper Lip

watch Apparently Theresa May’s strategy is to let the clock go “tick, tick, tick” until the Parliament is forced either to accept her terrible plan, which has been shot down yet again by an embarrassing margin in a vote last night, or accept a “No Deal” Brexit. What’s really just as, if not more, likely to … Continue reading

Even More Losing

So last night we had alarms and excursions (Ok, you may not be familiar with that expression, it’s Elizabethan Theater stage direction, an alarm is just that, excursion in this sense means everyone leaves the Stage and “goes on a trip” to the Wings. I use excursion here in it’s secondary meaning of launching into …

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Love – Off The Air Yeah, I know it isn’t Valentines Day anymore. YouTube disagrees, you should see my suggestions screen.

Sam’s Valentine

Destination Wedding With Gritty Fat Shaming Doctors Stock Footage Featuring Herr Doktor Professor

My Las Vegas Convention- A Happy Story

(originally in orange Sat Jun 17, 2006 at 07:01 PM PDT) I repeat it annually because there are lessons I don’t want to forget. Can you handle the truth?  How about a good story? If you are a regular reader you may know that I was State Co-ordinator of my meatspace club.  You may not …

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El Paso

The August 2nd Meeting

One of the things I like to do is point out seminal pieces. This one from WaPo has been the subject of pretty constant comment and reports a meeting on August 2nd, 2016 between Rick Gates, Paul Manafort, and Konstantin Kilimnik, Manafort’s partner in his Ukrainian Political Consulting operation in a Cigar Club named the …

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Some More Socialism! (And News)

And a Green New Deal! And Billionaires! Cody’s Showdy Hi. In today’s episode, we discuss how billionaires react to something the majority of Americans want, and how other billionaires react to being extorted via photographs that zero Americans want. And a baby’s arm holding an apple.

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