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Rum, Lime, Sugar The Blender is optional as is the ice but you miss the “Slurpee” effect. Those who experience blackouts should refrain from using heavy and dangerous machinery.

Cartnoon Andrew Jackson- Worst President Ever?

Democrats I’m a Historian and part of the punishment was not only Economics 101 where I learned about Aggregate Demand and Supply (one metaphor is the difference between too cheap to meter and “I wonder what this puppy would do if I cranked it up to 11.” Instead of water I could sell buckets.) but also … Continue reading

Not The Ground I Wish To Fight On Perhaps I am the heartless and cruel bastard I pretend to be. I should accept on face value everything Christine Blasey Ford has said about her sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh There’s no doubt that if her recollection is at all accurate ‘sexual assault’ is the correct and proper name for what happened though I …

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watch Heresy! Homoousios not homoousia you faithless apostate!

Radioactive Teleporting Sow-Breeding Nazi Boars!

canadian healthcare viagra professional Are taking over the world!

Lousy Paperboy

Better at documentaries.

Sam Bee: Mobile App Entrepreneur

Well, I’ve missed a couple of times before but it’s only because I wanted her back so bad. When last we saw Sam she had just burned her 2 and a half year old set in a Viking Funeral. Along with the new set (I can hardly tell the difference) she has a new Intro- …

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Dead Jim. Dead!

It Could Happen

Not that I think it likely mind you, but a rosy best case scenario for Democrats in November includes a 60 vote swing in the House and a Senate majority. The things that are new today are a decline in Trump’s already dismal Poll numbers and new State by State Polling that indicates as many …

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Just A Reminder

As Rhode Island goes to the Primary polls tonight (Rhode Island is sooo Blue that the Republicans are the Monster Raving Loony Party and half the Democrats are really Republicans (if you want to see what a single party state is like look no further- rampant corruption, indeed for a time it operated as the …

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Five Minute Food Detox It really works!

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