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Cartnoon Puppy Pumpitude Better living through chemicals.

Not Russia All of Unindicted Co-conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio’s problems with breaking laws, obstruction of Justice, lying, etc. can not be attributed to the Russian Treason Plot. For instance Stephanie Clifford, hush money to a Porn Star is a violation of election law and Unidicted Co-conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio has certainly lied and obstructed Justice in that case, but …

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Cartnoon I mentioned on D-Day that the Russians got their butt kicked in the Russo-Japanese War of 1905. The Battle of Tsushima was the critical one that cemented a Russian defeat. Early in the war Japan was able to neutralize the Russian Pacific Naval Squadron based in Vladivostock. With great fanfare Russia sent forth it’s Northern …

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Jared Kushner Solves Israel/Palestine!

acquistare viagra generico 200 mg a Venezia Some News, eh? We only ask what we ever ask. Let us see it first.

A Firm And Binding No Decision

I haven’t talked much about Brexit recently because very little has actually happened. Theresa May’s Government is inevitably and mercifully over (though she will act as a caretaker until the next Tory leader is selected sometime in July). I imagine she was much kinder to Larry than David Cameron was. The Conservatives are imploding, remembering …

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A peek of nightmare

The Kessler Report

Just a little update on why we call him Bottomless. In this sense it means “unplumbed” or “beyond measure” and not “buff”. There’s actually quite a bit of Bottom in him in the sense of Ass or Fool, Bilge or Dregs. President Trump has made 10,796 false or misleading claims over 869 days By Glenn …

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Lest we forget- Zack Morris Is Trash Iago – Season 4 Episode 7 Double Dipper – Season 4 Episode 8 A Sting – Season 4 Episode 9 Speak hands, for me. – Season 4 Episode 10

Not A Rant

Direct Action

Formula One: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

As the tastefully diffused for maximum visibility but pitiless and relentless LEDs glinted off the stark and spotless Epoxy of Maranello, Scuderia Marlboro was worried. Manufacturers’ Standings Rank Team Points 1 Mercedes 257 3 Red Bull Racing Honda 110 5 Racing Point BWT Mercedes 17 7 Scuderia Toro Rosso Honda 16 9 Alfa Romeo Racing …

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Never Really Over – Katy Perry Ok. That was a really horrible video and I’d suggest that you close your eyes and listen on your headphones but then you’d focus on the questionable lyrics instead of hearing that wonderful driving Bass line. You can push a lot of Vinyl with less Lionel Richie would say …

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The Jewel Of The Triple Crown

The Belmont Stakes are perhaps the most democratic of the Triple Crown Races, held in Elmont right next to Queens (yes, you read that correctly. It’s an unincorporated Census designated place with no ‘B’ in it at all). Indications of that are they can’t settle on a song or a drink. The song has ranged …

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