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Inferior Services, Stifling Bureaucracy, Less Democracy, Greater Cost Those things are what Neo Liberal Economics produces and it’s quite obvious and logical really that if you take a good or service ordinarily provided by Government at cost and privatize it to benefit corporations and commercial interests this is going to be the result. Neoliberalism promised freedom – instead it delivers stifling control by …

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Computer Forensics

go here As regular readers remember I know a little about computers because it’s my day gig. One of the most common things I’m called on to do is Virus and Malware removal. Almost every system has some questionable applications on it because Anti-Virus programs are picky and if you’ve installed any kind of downloaded software at …

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go Nightmares – Off the Air You’re soaking in it right now.

Pardon The Pause

source url I’m actually pretty focused on providing regular content and I feel badly about it when I am thwarted. Today both sites have been entirely unresponsive and if you’re reading this it means the problem has been fixed. I won’t try and make up for lost time however, we will move forward from this point. I …

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NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2019: Final

I can’t tell you how done I am with NCAA Basketball at this point, even though it’s been a relatively easy year from an assembly standpoint despite the data being the dirtiest I can remember. I am disappointed but not surprised by UConn’s exit, only to whom, and since State’s departure I have little reason …

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Que Haces Aqui?

Brad! Janet! Dr. Scott! Under the circumstances, formal dress is to be optional. Ok, you don’t get it. D’Arcy Carden? That and guest spots on John Oliver.


Cosplay wih Jenny Nicholson By the way- Solo Bad I’ve seen it. It wasn’t Oedipus/Lear bad, I just can’t remember anything about it except Woody Harrelson and only because he was in Cheers.

NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament 2019: Finals

Semifinal Results Seed School Record Score Region Seed School Record Score Region 1 Notre Dame 34 – 3 81 Midwest 2 Connecticut 35 – 3 76 East 1 Baylor 35 – 1 72 South 2 Oregon 33 – 5 67 West It’s a small satisfaction that Notre Dame can only equal our record and of …

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Feely GoT? FAB Scott, FAB Let’s Smoke Some Zombies This doesn’t mean what it used to. More Computer Nerds Burlesque- The Art of Slowly Wearing Less Virtually Reality Doctors A True Enough Story. So I’m of an age where periodic lower endoscopies are indicated which kills about a week. First there is what they delicately …

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Die In Shanghai – Las Aves Over My Head – The Fray I Wanna Get Better – Bleachers

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2019: Semifinals

Well, Michigan State is the only team left, Men or Ladies, I have the least bit of interest in. Doesn’t mean I’m going to spare you the Fight Song. Results of the Regional Finals A big round for upsets, 75%. Virginia is the only #1 Seed left.   Seed School Record Score Seed School Record …

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Both Sides

Well, we’ve been talking a little bit about Torture and here’s some more appalling News. Investigators and Prosecutors for the International Criminal Court which has jurisdiction on Crimes Against Humanity in which Torture of Prisoners is certainly included will no longer be able to get United States Visas. Trump revokes ICC prosecutor’s U.S. visa over …

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