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Well, since sex sells.

Here’s why I don’t go to nudie bars.

One night my Republican friend and another friend of ours (don’t know his political affiliation) decided that we (that’s all of us including me) should go out to a local bar where a girl we all knew from having attended several parties with her was “performing”.

It was a horrible place, barely bigger than a walk-in closet and dead empty.

The 400 pound owner was crammed behind the bar his fat factually filling the space between the counter and the bottles.  He was screaming obscenities at our mutual acquaintance, calling her a lazy slut who couldn’t make money.

So when we sat down next to the stage with our $5 Budweisers, I took what I had in my wallet and just dumped it out.

I didn’t even drink my beer, just kind of clutched it in both hands and stared at it.

An eternity later, after my “friends” decided I was sufficiently embarrassed we finally left and as we did my non-affiliated bud said to me-

“You know, she makes more in one night than you do in a week.”

Somehow that did not console me.

The Stars Hollow Gazette

Feeling guilty about blogging yet?

Second Life avatars and Brazilians: the same carbon footprint

by Aurelia End, AFP

Thu Mar 6, 2:23 PM ET

HANOVER, Germany (AFP) – What do an avatar on Second Life and the average inhabitant of Brazil in the real world have in common? Incredibly, they both use the same amount of electricity.

It is perhaps not a fair example as the average virtual being in the online community is not active all the time, but the statistic does show that all that time the rich world spends online has an impact on the environment.

And how. Providing energy to work the Internet needs the equivalent of 14 power stations, which in turn cough out the same amount of harmful carbon dioxide emissions as the airline industry, research has estimated.

Sonic the Hedgehog, climate killer?

by Simon Sturdee, AFP

Fri Mar 7, 12:15 PM ET

HANOVER, Germany (AFP) – “I don’t care, we’re all going to die anyway,” says 17-year-old Christian, to laughs from his friends as they play video games at the CeBIT IT fair in Germany.

What he does not care about is the environmental impact of the games console he and his mates are playing in a giant exhibition hall crammed full of other teenagers playing the latest shoot-em-ups, driving games and the like.

Whereas many of the 5,500 exhibitors at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany like IBM and Deutsche Telekom have been at pains to trumpet their green credentials, in Hall 22 there is not a tree-hugger in sight.

Weekend News Digest

From Yahoo News Top Stories

1 Democrat wins Hastert’s seat in Illinois

By DEANNA BELLANDI, Associated Press Writer

Sun Mar 9, 9:00 AM ET

CHICAGO – Nearly two years after taking control of Congress, the Democrats have claimed another prize by capturing former GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s seat – a development that Republicans say is not a harbinger of things to come.

The longtime Republican district fell to the Democrats Saturday when wealthy scientist and businessman Bill Foster snatched the seat in a closely watched special election.

While Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen predicted Foster’s win would send out a “political shock wave,” Republicans were quick to downplay its significance.

Weekend News Digest

Weekend News Digest is an Open Thread

1 Bush explains veto of waterboarding bill

By JENNIFER LOVEN, Associated Press Writer

35 minutes ago

WASHINGTON – President Bush said Saturday he vetoed legislation that would ban the CIA from using harsh interrogation methods such as waterboarding to break suspected terrorists because it would end practices that have prevented attacks.

“The bill Congress sent me would take away one of the most valuable tools in the war on terror,” Bush said in his weekly radio address taped for broadcast Saturday. “So today I vetoed it,” Bush said. The bill provides guidelines for intelligence activities for the year and includes the interrogation requirement. It passed the House in December and the Senate last month.

“This is no time for Congress to abandon practices that have a proven track record of keeping America safe,” the president said.

The Stars Hollow Gazette

Well, the Charlotte Allen piece does not quite die.  Laura Rozen got a link on Atrios’ Wankers of the Day

The Post Hides Behind Allen’s Knickers

In all honesty, I’m torn. Partly I’m tired of this jihad, and was tired of it two days ago. Partly, I feel a smidgen of compassion for Pomfret not knowing what to do, who did express regrets if the piece offended (in an email), and for whom I never had anything but respect until I deduced he was responsible for the Allen piece Sunday. But mostly, I am still fuming that the Post as an institution is now hiding behind Charlotte Allen’s knickers, and stubbornly continues to refuse to answer tremendous reader demand (more than a thousand comments, several hundred blog posts) for an explanation and an apology for running the piece. It’s cowardly. It makes their and my profession look bad. It’s unnecessary.

Instead, comically, truly, they’re hauling out Charlotte Allen (who can be faulted for writing the tripe — but not for publishing it!) to take the first bullets during a chat today which I honestly don’t see why anyone should dignify, except possibly to interrogate her about how the interactions with the Post went down exactly as her essay thesis got clarified.

And consider that these fully moderated comments were the only ones Charlotte deigned to answer (read the moderation policy)-

Editor’s Note: moderators retain editorial control over Discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can decline to answer questions. is not responsible for any content posted by third parties.

Alex Leo at HuffPo says-

Charlotte Allen Is a Bigot

So I’m watching the Washington Post live chat with Charlotte Allen unfurl and the “writer” is defending what is arguably the worst OpEd piece published in this century. I am not here to dissect the details or ramifications.

… they lost me because they gave a bigot a platform, defended her, tried to make it seem like she was kidding (she’s not, by the way and makes that clear in this forum), and then gave her another THREE HOURS on their website to purport her hatred and inanity. They do not realize that if she had said these things about African Americans or Hispanics or any other group, they would never have published it.

The Morning News

From Yahoo News Top Stories

1 Italy prosecutors appeal U.S. soldier’s murder case


Tue Mar 4, 12:11 PM ET

ROME (Reuters) – Italian prosecutors have appealed a Rome court’s decision to drop a murder case against a U.S. soldier who killed an Italian intelligence agent in Iraq, taking the matter to the country’s highest court.

“We filed the appeal,” one of the prosecutors, Franco Ionta, told Reuters, adding the process would take “months, not weeks.”

U.S. soldier Mario Lozano had been tried in absentia in Rome for shooting Italian agent Nicola Calipari at a checkpoint outside Baghdad airport in 2005.

The Stars Hollow Gazette

I remember a picnic, on a beach in a cove in Maine.  It was the kind of place you write kids books about, and as a matter of fact someone had and I read it as a child.

The Stars Hollow Gazette

You know the thing about people who rail against “political correctness” is what they really desire is the ability to be as sexist, racist, and bigoted in public as they want without having to suffer your scorn and derision making them feel like the small shabby mean spirited twits that they are.

How else do you explain this?

Why Is Obama’s Middle Name Taboo?


Fri Feb 29, 1:50 PM ET

So who gets to say Hussein? At the Oscars, host Jon Stewart took innuendo about as far as it can go, saying that Barack Hussein Obama running today is like a 1940’s candidate named Gaydolph Titler. But that reference, served up to a crowd that presumably swoons for Obama, got laughs. So maybe the H-word is more like the N-word: you can say it, but only if you are an initiate. Blacks can use the N-word; Obama supporters can use the H-word.

We Scream, We Swoon.  How Dumb Can We Get?

By Charlotte Allen, The Washington Post

Sunday, March 2, 2008; Page B01

I can’t help it, but reading about such episodes of screaming, gushing and swooning makes me wonder whether women — I should say, “we women,” of course — aren’t the weaker sex after all. Or even the stupid sex, our brains permanently occluded by random emotions, psychosomatic flailings and distraction by the superficial. Women “are only children of a larger growth,” wrote the 18th-century Earl of Chesterfield. Could he have been right?

For Hillary’s Campaign, It’s Been a Class Struggle

By Linda Hirshman, The Washington Post

Sunday, March 2, 2008; Page B01

For the Clinton campaign, this is devastating. A year ago, chief strategist Mark Penn proclaimed that the double-X factor was going to catapult his candidate all the way to the White House. Instead, the women’s vote has fragmented. The only conclusion: American women still aren’t strategic enough to form a meaningful political movement directed at taking power. Will they ever be?

Penn was right about the importance of the women’s vote. About 57 percent of the voters in the Democratic primaries so far have been women. As of Feb. 12, Clinton had a lead of about seven percentage points over Obama among them (24 points among white women). But the Obama campaign reached out to the fair sex, following Clinton’s announcement of women-oriented programs with similar ones within a matter of weeks. I can imagine the strategists for the senator from Illinois thinking, “What’s that song in Verdi’s ‘Rigoletto’?” Women are fickle.

Turns out it’s true.

Ominously for Clinton, the feminist movement split, generating a large number of “scribbling women” all over the blogosphere describing the gender-trumping call of the Obama candidacy. …

Or maybe it has to do with what Pollitt expressed in a recent blog posting: “On foreign policy Obama seems more enlightened, as in less bellicose.” Educated women focusing more on foreign policy fits with what we know about women and politics. Although at every class level, women know less than men do about politics in general, they know more as their education level goes up. So it may be that foreign policy issues are more salient to women with a college degree.

Weekend News Digest

Weekend News Digest is an Open Thread

From Yahoo News Top Stories

1 Russia’s Medvedev on course for presidency

By Christian Lowe, Reuters

8 minutes ago

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Dmitry Medvedev was elected by a big margin to succeed Vladimir Putin as Russian president, exit polls and early results showed on Sunday, after a vote that will preserve his mentor’s power but which opponents said was unfair.

Medvedev, a 42-year-old who has worked at Putin’s side since the 1990s, will take over the trappings of the presidency from his patron but it was still unclear which of the two men would really be in charge.

Half an hour after polling stations closed, state television broadcast a pop concert in Red Square. It began with a song whose chorus was “Forward, Russia” — Medvedev’s unofficial campaign slogan.

Weekend News Digest

Weekend News Digest is an Open Thread

From Yahoo News Top Stories

1 Japan looks to a robot future

By HIROKO TABUCHI, Associated Press Writer

18 minutes ago

TOKYO – At a university lab in a Tokyo suburb, engineering students are wiring a rubbery robot face to simulate six basic expressions: anger, fear, sadness, happiness, surprise and disgust.

Hooked up to a database of words clustered by association, the robot – dubbed Kansei, or “sensibility” – responds to the word “war” by quivering in what looks like disgust and fear. It hears “love,” and its pink lips smile.

“To live among people, robots need to handle complex social tasks,” said project leader Junichi Takeno of Meiji University. “Robots will need to work with emotions, to understand and eventually feel them.

Lazy Saturday Morning Blog Roundup

From Talking Points Memo

Worse than you think-

1 White House Aide Plagiarized 20 of 38 Columns

By Paul Kiel – March 1, 2008, 9:41AM

Even Jokeline can’t ignore Hagee-

2 How’s It Hagee?

By Josh Marshall 03.01.08 — 1:44AM

3 TPMMuckraker is entirely worth a brief peruse.

4 Poll: Nearly Half Say Media Is Harder On Hillary

by Greg Sargent March 1, 2008 — 11:10 AM EST

From MyDD

An interesting analysis of the 3 am ad-

5 Hillary Clinton’s Gift To Barack Obama

by Todd Beeton, Fri Feb 29, 2008 at 09:36:17 PM EST

From AmericaBlog

6 Obama smear offends Kenyans

by Chris in Paris · 3/01/2008 04:14:00 AM ET

Good question-

7 McCain stands with his Catholic bashing supporter. What is that good Catholic boy Tim Russert going to do?

by Joe Sudbay (DC) · 3/01/2008 11:49:00 AM ET

This should be all the talk at Catholic churches around the country this weekend, like Blessed Sacrament parish here in DC. That’s where Russert and Chris Matthews go to the 11:00 mass on Sundays, we’re told. Chances are their fellow Catholics won’t appreciate the Church being called “the great whore” by a leading McCain supporter — who McCain refuses to denounce and reject.

The Stars Hollow Gazette

So tomorrow we celebrate Frederic’s 38th birthday.  He has long since passed his pirate apprenticeship (1940) and must surely by now be actively contributing to the reduction of global warming.

By the time I was a senior in High School pretty much the only reason I was there was to pick up my gym credit and stay out of trouble.

Stay out of trouble, heh.

Since I had by that time made it clear I was going to be entirely obnoxious during morning exercises I was no longer welcome in homeroom and mostly marked absent the entire year.  If that dodge failed I also had my magical permanent pass as an editor of the alternative school newspaper that made attendence after second period pretty much optional anyway.  Still there were those more Cameron-like that my editor buddies and I tried to help out.  Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

One of our more successful projects was a production of H.M.S. Pinafore that was ostensibly a History project, but it had a cast of thousands and rehersals lasted for months.

I was Ralph Rackstraw, Able Seaman and I can still hit all the notes in the National Anthem depending on the key.  It was not my first choice, because I had none of the really funny songs; but I did get a duet with Josephine- the girl I thought was the hottest one in school (alas, my love to scorn, she didn’t feel the same way about me).

Sometimes success is it’s own punishment.  Four matinees (one for the History class and then once for each class), two gala nights for the ‘rents, and then a road show for the rest of the system.  Oh, and we all got As.

Hey, Cameron. You realize if we played by the rules right now we’d be in gym?

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