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Coup in Honduras

Today’s events in Honduras certainly seem to have a US OK stamped all over them.  

With Obama suggesting only that:

any disputes must be settled peacefully through negotiations

And the administration saying that they know nothing of Honduran constitutional law–they’re at the least saying it’s all OK, and at most that they knew about it and approved beforehand.

Reminds me a lot of Bush in Haiti.

It’s disgusting, and a lot of people could will get hurt.  

On the so called left, the excuse that this is justified by a Referendum on extending or removing term limits seems to be fooling many, but I mean c’mon, how do you justify lies in the press (the main paper in Honduras is claiming that President Zelaya has resigned, which is a lie) , shutting down media and electricity, curfews and Honduran troops in the streets with teargas, and a few reports of much worse.  

But the sad state of todays Obamabots is “He’s got this.”

I’m afraid he very well may have “got this”.

Just like other US presidents of the past also “got this” all over Honduras.

The reason we won’t have change is because the American electorate doesn’t want it–they’re totally fine with death squads in Central America, if Obama says it’s OK.

(can’t get images to post) but see:…

Why was Underdog’s Sanford Diary Deleted?

It seemed pretty innocent to me.

How to Influence Government

It seems a lot of folks think that change comes only via the Presidency.

And clearly that is not the case.  

Since 2006, the Democrats have had the house, and the Senate, so in theory they controlled two out of three branches of government totally. They could have done anything.

They then claimed that they needed the Presidency too for real change, people believed them, and they were given that.  Then they set another false goal up–they had to have 60 votes in the Senate, along with all the other branches of government to do any of the things they promise.

Their lies should be apparent to anyone and everyone now–hell they should have been apparent in 2006.

How to infuence them?

The Presidency:

major demonstrations, strikes, marches and the like (see Iran)  could actually make slight moves there with the current administration.  Maybe.  But if people do nothing–as they have done the last 10 years and more–then expect nothing back.  Remember as weak as it really was, we only got the New Deal because there was a real Socialist and Unionist movement then–and it scared the hell out of elite.

Overall, we need to reduce the power of the Presidency back to –or preferably far below the original intent; not hope for some ‘white hat’ to save us. There will never be one.

The Senate:  

appears almost intransigent.  

It’s ALL off the table.

These guys think they’re in for life. Essentially, they’re  a waste of skin.  Six years is too damn long in the first place, and 12 or 18 years is just outrageous.   Need to close the whole place down.  Get one guy and let him filibuster everything.  Sanders?  

(or we could all move to Utah or Alaska)

The Supreme Court:  

(which today decided that there is no right to use DNA evidence to prove innocence)

Not going left.  Not for decades.  In fact with Sotomayer, I expect a slight rightward tilt.

The House:

is a long way from being progressive, but offers more hope than any of the other branches, and is the only branch where third parties could have a major influence.  The targeting of Democrats by truly left parties in progressive areas could make major gains here and hurt the Democrats a lot –although Ralph Nader (Mr. ‘I’m running as a Green, but I’m not a green’) and others have set the third party movement back decades with their antics.   If we could get some Greens, or better yet Socialists in there–they could force the Democrats left, if they want to keep their leadership positions.  It’s a tough thing for third parties–they only get media attention if they go for the Presidency, but they only get a real shot of doing anything worth while if they go for The House in targeted areas instead.

It’s YOUR DARN FAULT, but I’ma gonna fix it

It’s your fault you sick bastard.

You got sick.

You weren’t strong enough.

At the very least, you might get sick.  

You sure as hell aren’t a Senator, and you don’t have a good enough job.  

You don’t own any banks at all, you worthless scum.  

Not even a little local bank.  

(My abject apologies if I’m wrong, and you do own a bank–I didn’t mean YOU at all–I meant all the rest of YOU–sorry, sorry… I’ll buy you a drink)

So, anyway, because of your abject failures to properly provide for yourself, we’ve had to put our lofty heads together and come up with a really, really neat solution:


(nice title right…or should it be ‘it’s what’s for dinner…. ? Na…)

(fine print: If you don’t pay the insurance company, you go to jail.)

Got that?

Simple, right?

Even all you idiots here that didn’t get in to Morris College, Yale, oughta be able to figure this one out.

Let me say it again: if you don’t pay AIG.

Every Month.  

On time.

Dead Civilian Day

I’m not really very impressed by arguments that one group of ‘warrior’ should be remembered, or another one –currently honored– should really not be.  

In fact the last thing I personally would want if I had died in some Smedly Butler-esq American war, is a politician tossing a wreath my way–along with say 100,000 other  dead and buried young men.   Especially not when the very same politician is ramping up one war, and paying lip service to ending another.  Better to stop creating more deaths.

More to the point though, and entirely — I mean entirely missing from the discussion is the dead civilians.  

Anyone remember those folks?  

You know–the one’s most likely cooking breakfast for their children at 8.15 one morning long ago:

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