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Hulagu Khan is Knocking at the Door

canadian free propecia go here Someone has scratched on a wall inside the National Library [Baghdad], “Hu-LA-gu Khan has returned and knocked on our door once again”.

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A Clever Smokescreen on Flame Retardants and AB 706

So, I get this flyer (well, two actually) from some group that calls itself “Californians for Fire Safety.” Hmm, I say to myself, I wonder who they are, and why they mailed me this glossy flyer? The flyer opposes those nefarious boogymen, “Sacramento politicians” trying to pass AB 706, which:

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watch will ban material used to make flame retardant products that help to prevent fires – and keep our homes and families safe Immediately I get curious. What materials are these? Why would they be proposed for banning? What chemicals in particular are in question? Who makes them? Who is for this bill, and who is against? Who is funding this flyer?

lasix no prescription I look again at the flyer, and get nothing.