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What Happened?

can acne reoccur after using accutane What day is it? How did I get into bed? What are all those empty Tequila bottles? Actually it wasn’t like that at all. I had family obligations that took most of the day and it’s only going to get more like that as we move deeper into Spring/Summer/Fall travel season. I try to be …

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Who won the Cup Final in 1949? The KISS Army It was in fact, Wolverhampton Wanderers who beat Leicester 3-1 Get Out


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Six In The Morning Thursday 23 May 2019 Narendra Modi’s BJP eyes landslide in India vote count By Ayeshea Perera, Aparna Alluri, Krutika Pathi, Simon Fraser, Vikas Pandey, Courtney Subramanian and Kevin Ponniah Traditionally, the BJP has found its strongest support in India’s populous Hindi speaking states in the north. (Of the 282 seats the party won in 2014, 193 came from these …

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Calling A Tool For Digging Employed With The Foot A Card Suit Symbolizing Swords

Madam Zelda! Madam Zelda! In common law legal systems, black letter laws are the well-established legal rules that are no longer subject to reasonable dispute. Confidential draft IRS memo says tax returns must be given to Congress unless president invokes executive privilege By Jeff Stein and Josh Dawsey, Washington Post May 21, 2019 A confidential …

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Work is Work And you’re waaay too obsessed about sex. Makes me think you’ve never had any you freakish Incel.


The thing about my jokes is, they amuse me.

Six In The Morning Wednesday 22 May 2019

  A look inside Huawei, China’s tech giant Photographs by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images Story by Kyle Almond, CNN The Chinese company Huawei is one of the giants of the tech industry. It’s the world’s largest provider of telecommunications equipment, a leader in next-generation 5G technology, and last year it passed Apple to become the second-biggest smartphone …

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You know, not everyone knows how to play. To begin the dominoes are placed face down and “shuffled.” Players draw one domino. The player drawing the highest double or if no double, the highest domino plays first. Re-shuffle and then begin drawing the first hand. Each player then draws seven dominoes for his hand. The …

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Profiles In Courage

I mean it both sardonically and sarcastically. The main difference between the two is sardonic is more strictly contemptuous and sarcasm has an admixture of irony. I’ve told you I like The Magicians, right? We have to work together and we have to do it now. This is going to sound weird, but just go …

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Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian Freedom of Religion

Six In The Morning Tuesday 21 May 2019

A legacy of lunacy haunts Kenya’s old railway. Will China’s $3.6B line be different? Kenya took on huge debt to buy a modern railway from Beijing that it hopes will boost its economy … despite the controversy it has attracted. By Jenni Marsh, CNN Updated 0651 GMT (1451 HKT) May 21, 2019 In 1903, British colonial …

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